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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1915



Cleghorn v. Henderson, 6—3, 6—2

page 95

Cleghorn well deserved his win, and is to be congratulated on his fine performances throughout. His clever net play, combined with accurate placing, always enabled him to assume the upper hand from the start, and with such an advantage, he had no difficulty in keeping his opponents in check. Henderson also played well, although he did not appear quite up to form in the final with Cleghorn. It is significant to note that both these players, who are at the top of the ladder, are essentially net players, and we have difficulty in finding a reason why more of our players do not cultivate this very effective style of play, rather than adopt the more difficult back line tactics. It certainly appears that with the same amount of practice, a higher standard of efficiency may be reached by the former than by the latter method. In order to ensure efficiency, however, a good service is absolutely essential.

The following players represented us at the University Tournament., held at Auckland during Easter:—Misses M. H. Sievwright, F. W. Cooke, E. H. Cook, E. Hare, Daniell, and E. M. Still, and Messrs. K. A. Henderson, N. L. Wright, H. Williams, and C. F. Atmore.

The games were played on the Remuera Tennis Lawns, and our representatives, having had very little opportunity of playing on grass, were naturally at a disadvantage, and their difficulties were increased by the very heavy state of the grounds. Under the circumstances they played some really good games, although unsuccessful in winning any of the events.

In writing on this matter, we should like to make a special appeal to lady students to join the Club, with a view to taking part in the Easter Tournament. Considering the number of ladies at present attending lectures, it is surprising to note how few have joined the Club. The game offers excellent opportunities for relaxation after strenuous study, not to mention the enjoyment the tournament affords to all its participants. A student is entitled to play in five tournaments only, so that in view of this restriction and of the fact that every year sees a falling off of our older players, it is essential page 96 that younger players should constantly be coming forward to take their places. Moreover, the standard of play, with the exception of that of our first five or six ladies, is not very high, and a student with ability for games should be able, after a little diligent practice, to qualify herself for representative honours. The subscription is extremely low, and is well within the reach of all students.

In the beginning of the year we gladly accepted the Otaki Club's invitation to play a match with them on their courts on Anniversary Day. Unfortuntely, the weather in Wellington on that day was very unfavourable for tennis, and, as a result, only half of our team appeared at the station. However, those of us who did make the trip were amply repaid for the risks taken; for the weather cleared soon after our arrival at Otaki, and most of the games were played. On this occasion we were no match for the Otaki team, who inflicted defeat by 9 rubbers to 3—Cleghorn, Atmore and Williams winning their games. We found the trip so enjoyable that we were unable to resist an invitation to 21ay a return match on St. Patrick's Day. This time our team was very much stronger, and we avenged our previous defeat by 16 rubbers to 4. Our thanks are due to the Otaki team and their friends for the exceedingly hospitable manner in which they entertained us on both occasions; and we hope next season to induce them to send a team to "Salamanca," so that we may have an opportunity of reciprocating their kindness.

In conclusion, we should like to thank those of our ladies who have throughout the season so kindly attended to the making of afternoon tea, and also the members of the Coaching Committee for their efforts towards the improvement of club tennis.