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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1915


page 81


Sketch of man playing hockey

At the commencement of the term, despite the numerous attractions, "barked" shins, broken noses, etc., the Hockey Club was found to be in a rather precarious condition. Not only did we feel the loss of four Senior players—G. Strack, J. McDowall, K. Strack, and S. Castle—but on account of financial difficulties, we were living in daily horror of a bolt from the blue. The season, however, opened with a monster practice at Karori Park, and during the first week of the term the Selection Committee spent many an anxious moment considering how to divide 29 men into three equal teams. But now all is changed, and with the advent of new players and the weekly attendance of the "redoubtable" George and Strack (tertius) from the Trentham reinforcements, we are looking forward to a pleasant and successful year. The Club Captain, E. Rowntree, reports that the Senior team, with its usual dashing forward line, is doing valiant service, and should come off with honours. As the results show, the team is in a promising condition, and holds a good position in the Cup competition.

The Second Eleven had a poor start, but by now, the willingness of the team has made up their loss. There is a number of first-class players, and with attention paid to the combination, this team should come off victor in the Junior Challenge matches. As usual, the men are all very keen. Seldom before has our Junior B team had such a high standard of play and such full numbers. Owing to the untiring work of their captain, the team shows promise, and is amply fulfilling expectations.

page 82

Thus the present players, proud of our members away at the front, are wielding the stick, and with good weather we should have a very successful year.

Results of the three teams:—


We started off in high hopes, in spite of the loss of George and Karl Strack from the forwards, in spite of the loss of Cockerill as goal-keeper, in spite of the loss of Castle and McDowall from the halfline, and in spite of the fact that most of the team had to perform a route march just before playing the first match. V.C. men are not the ones to get down-hearted, so we played our first game against last year's champions, and—

v. United:—Lost, 1—4. Everybody missed everybody else, but it was an even game.

v. Insurance:—Won, 4—0. Forwards were feeling more at home, Foden showing great dash. Scorers were Foden, C. Strad: (2), Hostick (1).

v. Wellington:—Won, 4—1. We started two men short. Great jubilation, however, when both Stracks—Karl and George—raced on, both on leave from the camp. The tide turned, first one scored, and then the other "soldier" got a thrust home. Hostick put in a beauty in the second spell. George Strack finished up with another charge.

v. Karori:— Drawn, 4—4. A "great go," one of the best. Karori evened the score by a poor goal right on the whistle. Forwards jubilant and in good form, as George Strack (the bully) came in from camp to play. At one time they were three ahead of us, but the "soldier" pulled himself together, and with the help of Hostick, put us ahead. Gaze and Bowler got special mention for their excellent work in defence. Morice saved some beauties.

v. Saint Augustine's:—Won, 4—1. We were without the aid of Gaze and Rowntree. We shall value them more highly in future. The forwards were in a mood for at least 10 goals, but the Saintly goalkeeper was wonderful. Everyone applauded him. Our opponents, however, have a wonderful habit of removing skin from us. Ask Foden, Hostick, and G. Strack. We are fast learning first aid.

page 83

Junior A.

v. Wellington B.: Lost, 5—3. We had two or three men short even after combining with our B team. Most of our A's were B's, most of Wellington B's Were A's.

v. Wellington A: Won, 3—1. A great shock for Wellington, after the previous Saturday's match. Ewart, Le Petit, and Hawkins scored. Goalkeeper MacMillan stopped some "beauties"; we could not do without him.

v. Insurance: Won 4—2. Both teams were short, and the game was "scrappy."

V. United B: Won, 9—0. Evart, Le Petit, Hawkins scored Poor game, but some good digging was done.

v. United A: Won, 9—1. Our opponents were two or three short. Salek was in good form. Salek Cleghorn, Le Petit, Ewart scored. Too stale for Mac., our noted goalkeeper, and so he coached a team of girls at our goal. Nice boy, Mac.

v. Victoria College B: Won, 5—0. Salek, Clegborn, Ewart scored. V. C. won. The score would have been more if our Captain, who was "collared" by the Seniors, had been there.

Junior B.

v. Insurance: Drawn, 2—2. A "sporting" game. Fine spirit.

v. United B: Lost, 3—5. Archibald helped greatly in the defence, and the halves played well.

v. United A: Won, 5—4. Another shock for United. Sanson, Pilkington, Wylie were the scorers.

v. Karori B: Won, 3—0. Grey, Wilkie, Pilkington scored the goals.

v. V.U.C.A.: Lost, 0—5. Archibald, the "King of the Backs," and Whitehead played in good style. These thorough "sports" look better on the field than they seem on paper.