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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1915

College Officers

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College Officers.

Students' Association.

Patron: Professor Adamson. President: F. T. Clere.

Vice Presidents: Miss E. R. Davies and C. H. E. Strack.

Secretary: R V. Kay.

Treasurers: Miss D. Gavin and A. Hudson.

Committee, Misses Richmond, Crawford and Ross, and C. F. Atmore, L. Bastings, L. J. Shaw, and H. Williams (Financial Secretary of "Spike").

Tournament Delegates: C. H. E. Strack and G. G. G. Watson. Auditor: Mr. J. S. Barton.

Graduates' Association.

President: S. Eichelbaum, M.A., LL.B.

Secretary: C. J. Cooke, B.A.

Treasurer: G. G. G. Watson, M.A., LL.B.

Committee: Misses Hales, M.A., and G. Cooke, B.A., and H. E. Evans, B.A., LL.M., and P. B. Broad, LL.B.

Auditor: V. B. Willis, LL.B.

Debating Society.

Patron: His Excellency the Governor.

President: Professor Marsden.


Chairman: P. B. Broad, LL.B. Vice-Chairman: W. F. Hogg.

Secretary: J. P. Byrne. Treasurer: J. G. Schmidt.

Committee: Misses Richmond and Stephens and A. J. George and L. A. Rogers.

Chemical and Physical Society.

President: Mr. W. A. Stuart, M. Sc.

Vice-Presidents: Professors Marsden and Easterfield.

Secretary: R. M. Bruce.

Committee: B. C. Aston, L. Bastings, B. A., W. Donovan, MSc.

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Cricket Club.

Club Captain: A. E. Caddick.

Secretary: P. B. Broad. Treasurer: S. W. Dempsey.

Committee: Above three and E. Ward, A. W. Duncan, F. M. Martin, and F. Joplin.

Glee Club.

Conductor: Miss Clachan.

Secretary: F. Robertson. Treasurer: — Grigg.

Librarian: Miss F. Cooke.

Committee: Miss Ross and F. T. Clere.

Pianist: Miss McDonald.

Hockey Club.

Club Captain: E. Rountree.

Treasurer: E. Fitzgerald Eager. Secretary: B. G. Hawkins.

Committee: C. H. E. Strack, F. Gaze, and D. C. Bowler.

Christian Union.

President: C. H. E. Strack.

Vice-Presidents: Miss Park and M. A. Tremewan.

Corresponding Secretaries: Miss E. M. North and L. Bastings.

Recording Secretary: Miss Shirer.

Treasurers: Miss Bell and F. Gaze.

Chess Club.

President: Professor Garrow.

Vice-Presidents: Professors Mackenzie, Marsden, and Sommerville.

Secretary and Treasurer: H. S. Tily.

Committee: Misses Davies and Mackenzie, and J. G. Fulton and H. Mackenzie.

Athletic Club.

President: Professor Adamson.

Club Captain: A. B. Sievwright.

Treasurer: W. N. Matthews. Secretary: I. C. Robinson.

Committee: H. Williams and R. V. Kay.

Delegates to Centre: A. T. Duncan and A. B. Sievwright.

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Football Club.

Patron: Professor Adamson. President: Professor Hunter.

Vice-Presidents: Messrs. I. Davey, W. Perry, and H. F. O'Leary.

Club Captain: A. S. Faire.

Deputy Club Captain: L. J. Shaw.

Secretary: N. F. Little. Treasurer: R. H. Greville.

Auditor: P. B. Broad.

Delegates to Rugby Union: P. J. Ryan, W. Perry, and A. S. Faire.

Tennis Club.

President: Professor Kirk. Vice-President: F. T. Clere.

Secretary: C. F. Atmore. Treasurer: Miss Taylor.

Committee: Misses F. Cooke, G. M. Lawry, and M. Sievwright, and G. M. Cleghorn, N. L. Wright, and W. Melody.

Boxing Club.

President: J. D. Brosnan.

Chairman: D. R. Hoggard. Vice-Chairman: E. Stewart.

Secretary: L. D. O'Sullivan. Treasurer: F. Robertson.

Committee: A. G. McClymont and V. Smith.

Auditor: F. D. O'Halloran.

Women's Debating Society.

President: Miss Levi. Chairwoman: Miss Richmond.

Vice-Chairwoman: Miss Taylor.

Secretary and Treasurer: Miss Neumann.

Committee: Misses Ziman, M. McKenzie, and Stephens.


Editors: A. E. Caddick, M.A., and P. B. Broad, LL.B.