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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913

College Officers

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College Officers.

Students' Association.

Patron : Professor Picken. President : F. L. G. West.

Vice-presidents : Miss Nicholis and F. G. Hall-Jones.

Hon. Secretary : G. G. G. Watson.

Assistant Hon. Secretary : H. H. Daniell.

Treasurers : Miss F. Cooke and R. Bruce.

Committee : Misses Cathie, Cavin, and Houghton; Messrs.

Braod, Caddick, and Quilliam,

Auditor : P. Verschaffelt.

Tournament Delegates : J. C. McDowall and G. Strack.

Graduates' Association.

President : S. Eichelbaum.

Secretary : C. J. Cooke. Treasurer : Miss L. Pemberton.

Committee : Miss G. Cooke, F. G. Hall-Jones and G. H. Nicholls.

Debating Society.

President : Professor von Zedlitz.

Vice-Presidents : A. E. Caddick (Chairman) and

G. G. Watson (Vice-Chairman).

Secretary : C. A. L. Treadwell.

Treasurer : A. B. Sievwright.

Committee : Misses Nicholls and North, Messrs. Broad and C. Strack.

Women's Debating Society.

President : Mrs. McPhail.

Chairwoman : Miss M. L. Nicholls.

Vice-Chairman : Miss E. M. North.

Secretary : Miss D. M. Heston.

Committee : Misses Houghton, Jenkins, and Tolley.

Tennis Club.

President : Professor Picken.

Vice-President : R. St. J. Beere.

Treasurer : N. Mansfield.

Hon. Secretary : W. J. Robertson.

Committee : Misses Cooke, Lawry, and Tennant; Messrs.

Cleghorn, Fair, and Eichelbaum.

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Football Club.

Club Captain : I. Davey. Field Captain : P. J. Ryan.

Vice-Captain and Secretary : R. H. Quilliam.

Treasurer : N. M. Paulsen.

Committee : The above, H. H. Daniell, A. Hudson, and S. Dempsey.

Hockey Club.

Club Captain : G. Strack.

Hon. Secretary : E. Rowntree. Hon. Treasurer : K. Ross.

Committee : G. Morice, C. H. Strack, and R. Watson.

Women's Hockey Club.

President : Mrs. Tennant.

Club Captain :Miss Newman.

Secretary and Treasurer : Miss Dagg.

Committee : Misses Arthur, Campbell, and Harper.

Cricket Club.

Club Captain : S. W. Dempsey.

Secretary : A. E. Caddick. Treasurer : F. Martin.

Committee : The above, C. A. Atmore, P. B. Broad, J.

Dickson, and A. Miller.

Amateur Athletic Club.

Club Captain : G. S. Strack.

Secretary : H. H. Daniell. Treasurer : A. Hudson.

Committee : C. H. E. Strack, A. B. Sievwright, and above.

N.Z.A.A.A. Delegate : A. T. Duncan.

Swimming Club.

Captain : T. U. Ronayne.

Secretary : S. R. Mason. Treasurer : J. N. Bullard.

Committee : The above, G. S. Clarke, W. F. Dudson, and P. Grey.

Handicapper : A. E. Seaton.

Delegates to Wellington Centre : T. U. Ronayne and P. Grey.

Boxing Club.

President : J. D. Brosnan.

Secretary : A. Hudson.

Hon. Treasurer : F. E. McKenzie.

Committee : D. R. Hoggard (Chairman), E. Stewart

(Vice-Chairman), A. Foden, and T. Walker.

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Glee Club.

Conductor : W. J. Stainton. Deputy-Conductor : Miss Hoby.

Hon. Pianiste : Miss Clechan.

Secretary : W. B. Brown. Treasurer : E. Clere.

Librarian : Miss F. Cooke.

Committee : The above, W. Hogg, and Miss I. Edwards.

Christian Union.

President : P. W. Burbidge.

Vice-Presidents : Miss D. Gavin, G. S. Strack.

Corresponding Secretaries : Miss L. Chapman, K. Ross.

Treasurer : Miss W. Cathie, L. M. Moss.

Recording Secretary : Miss J. Tolley.

Heretics' Club.

Chairman : Professor Hunter.

Vice-Chairman : C. H. Taylor.

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer : P. B. Broad.

Committee : The above, Miss Nicholls, and F. G. Hall-Jones.

Chemical And Physical Society.

President : Professor Laby.

Vice-president : Professor Easterfield and Dr. Maclaurin.

Secretary and Treasurer : R. Bruce.

Council : P. W. Burbidge, B. C. Aston, J. C. McDowall, and W. Donovan.

Men's Club.

Patron : Professor von Zedlitz.

President : W. Perry. Esq.

Secretary : E. M. Mackersey. Treasurer : A. Batten.

Committee: J. B. Parker, A. Seaton, and J. Stevenson.


Co-Editors : J. F. Thompson and G. H. Nicholls.

Assistant Editors : Miss R. M. Thornton and P. O. Grey.

Reporters : Misses North and Tolley.

Financial Secretary : H. H. Daniell.