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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913

University Examination Results

page 27

University Examination Results.

"And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew,
That one small head could carry all he knew."

The following is a list of those students on the books of Victoria College who completed their degree at the last examinations:—

Honours in Arts.

Bates, F. A. Second-class Economics, History and Constitutional History
Brock, H. F. Second-class Latin and French
Castle, A. P. Third-class English and German
Cathie, W. A. First-class Botany
Hall, V. J. B. Third-class Latin and French
Hird, W. E. Third-class Economics, Jurisprudence and Constitutional History
Kibblewhite, B. M. Second-class Economics, History and Constitutional History
Morrison, J. C. Third-class Economics, Jurisprudence and Constitutional History
Robinson, A. H. Second-class Latin and German

Master of Arts.

Castle, J. G. F.

Honours in Science.

Levi, L. E. Third-class Mental Science

Honours in Law.

Acheson, F. O. V. Second-class International Law,
Contracts and Torts,
Company Law
Gilfedder, M. second-class International Law,
Contracts and Torst,
Company Law

Master of Laws.

Smith, D. S.

page 28

Senior Scholarship.

  • McKenzie, F. E. (History)
  • Pigott, E. M. (Botany)
  • Tolley, (English)
  • Paulsen, N. M. (Latin)
  • Aston, H. (Greek)
  • Wolter, F. F. (German)

Bachelor of Music.

Collie, E. N.

Bachelor of Arts.

  • Barnett, M.
  • Coad, N. E.
  • Dixon, L. W.
  • Edwards, E. R.
  • Gondringer, B. J.
  • Houghton, K. M. L.
  • Mills, J. E.
  • McKenzie, F. E.
  • Paulsen, N. M.
  • Pigott, E.
  • Richardson, H. H.
  • Smith, J. D.
  • Tait, A. F.
  • Watson, G. G. G.
  • Wolter, F. F.
  • Brockett, A. E.
  • Dempsey, S. W.
  • Duff, E. M.
  • Gavin, D. M. H.
  • Heine, C. M.
  • Hunt, E. J.
  • Mothes, F. W.
  • Nightingale, H. J.
  • Pigott, E. M.
  • Ranston, H.
  • Robson, H.
  • Sutton, H. H.
  • Tolley, J.
  • Williamson, G. A.

Bachelor of Laws.

  • Adams, R. T.
  • Barton, C. H.
  • Cook, P. B.
  • Duncan, A. T.
  • Luke, A. J.
  • Mackersey, L. J.
  • Mousley, E. O.
  • Rutherfurd, J. W.
  • Vernon, J. D.
  • Waldegrave, W. E.
  • Wilson, F. A.
  • Aston, W. B.
  • Broad, P. B.
  • Delamore, A. W.
  • Gould, A. M.
  • Mackay, D. E. C.
  • McConnell, R. W.
  • Nicholls, G. H.
  • Sim, W. J.
  • Vine, H. J.
  • Willis, V.B.
  • Wright, E. G.