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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913

(To the Editor.)

(To the Editor.)

Dear Spike,—some years past, ever since its foundation in fact, the Swimming Club has talked confidently of inter College contest, and leading spirits have repeatedly suggested that at any rate when the Easter Tournament came to this city a competition would most certainly be arranged.

The Spike for June, 1910, makes mention of a delegation set up to confer with swimmers from other College, with a view to some such tourney being arranged, and I distinctly recollect the annual meeting of 1911 instructing Committee to page 83 bestir itself in the matter. Mr. A. N. Hancock was the mover, and apparently now that he has departed from Victoria College the Executive is quite content to sit still and do nothing. If ever there was anything more in these promises than the vain dreams of enthusiasts, surely the Easter just passed should have been their fulfilment.

The holidays this year fell exceptionally early, practically in the middle of March, and Club carnivals are frequently held as much as three weeks later. Of course there would have to be a certain amount of risk run as regards the weather, but such a risk is always present, and in the sequel no more perfect day for swimming than Good Friday was could possibly be asked for.

The Cricket and Boxing Clubs have shown what a little enterprise will do, and have set us an example which I hope future Executives will take to heart. In my opinion the Swimming Club has been very badly "left," and will have to buck up considerably in future if it is to justify its existence.

It will be interesting to see what the Committee has to say on the matter at the next Annual General Meeting.—I am, Sir,