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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913



The Swimming Club has an uneventful season to chronicle, devoid of any event of outstanding importance. In common with all other local clubs, we suffered from the very unseasonable weather which prevailed all too often this summer, and materially affected the entries for and attendance at the weekly races. It is also to be regretted that the Carnival, which has been an annual event for several season back, had to be dropped this summer, but here the Executive can plead "circumstances over which they had no control."

A "Cyril Aston Memorial Cup" was subscribed for by members and friends of the Club as a trophy for the Club Championship. The distances were to be 50yds., 100yds., 150yds., 220yds., 440yds., and 880yds. Unfortunately, bad weather and the illness of entrants necessitated several postponements, so that the end of the season came with the 100 yards, the quarter and half mile undecided. Under these circumstances, the Executive decided that the Cup be not awarded this year. It is highly advisable that more definite rules and regulations be drawn up to govern the Championship.

A number of new members joined this season, of whom McNab, Hudson and Foden showed themselves to be first-class swimmers; while Adams and Greville improved wonderfully, and next summer will have to be reckoned with by the best.

The water picnic is now quite an institution; Maori Bank saw two gatherings of Victoria College last summer.

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The following is a summary of the races of the past season:-

50 Yards. —Adams (8sec.), 1; Hudson (4sec.), 2; Bullard (2sec.),

3. Time, 38sec. There were six other starters.

100 Yards.—Hudson (3sec.), 1; Bullard (scr.), 2; Mason (12sec.), 3. Time, 78sec.

50 Yards.—Mason (9sec.), 1; Clark (5sec.), 2; Bullard (scr.), 3. Time, 40 2/5sec.

50 Yards Championship.—McNab, 1; Bullard, 2; Grey, 3. Time, 29 2/5sec. Ronayne and Clark also competed. A very good race, won by two or three yards, Grey a similar distance behind, and only a touch in front of the unplaced men. The time is a Club record.

100 Yards Breast Stroke.—Mason (8sec.), 1; Ronayne (scr.), 2; Clark (5sec.), 3. Five others started, and very little separated the placed men.

75 Yards.—McNab (scr.) and Clark (9sec.), 1; Stevenson (20sec), 3. A dead heat, McNab's time being very good—49sec. three others started. And all finished in a bunch.

220 Yards.—Grey (scr.), 1; McNab (scr.), 1; McNab (scr.), 2; Bullard (scr.), 3. Time, 3min. 14 1/5sec. The first two men got to the front at 150yds., whence Grey slowly drew ahead, and finally won by a couple of yards. Three others competed.

440 Yards.—Grey (scr.), 1; Adams (90sec.), 2; Clark (50sec.), 3. Time, 7min. 22sec. A very close race, won on the touch, with Clark only two yards away—a tribute to the handicapper. Seven started.

150 Yards.—Bullard, 1; McNab, 2; Grey, 3. Time, 2min. 9sec. A field of nine started, all the placed men being off scratch.

With the Carnival that exciting event, the Wanganui-Wellington Old Boy's Relay, went by the board. This seems a pity, and the Club might well consider putting the matter on a proper footing next season, and let any school that can raise a team of Old Boys from amongst members of the Club be represented. We incline to think that Nelson could make a very fair showing.