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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913

The Men's Club

page 65

The Men's Club.

" . . no doubt A pluce where we may crack a joke, Or light a pensive pipe and smoke, And ponder Bobbie Stout."

Early in the present term a meeting was called for the purpose of winding-up the old Savage Students' Club, forming in its place a "Victoria College Men's Club," and at a moderately attended gathering of men student this was brought to pass.

The aims and objects of our Alma Mater's latest born seem to be largely those of the erst-while Men's Common Room Club, without the Common Room, i.e., the promotion of social intercourse amongst College men. It cannot be denied that there is room for something of the sort amongst us, but the fate of the said C. R. C. shows that without an adequate common room, a really accessible one in the College itself, any social club that is set up will have a hard row to hoe. However, the Executive of the Men's Club is nothing of not energetic, as witness the excellent entertainment provided on the evening of the 24th May. The fact that by the 30th May over seventy financial members were on the Club's roll shows that the Treasurer, at any rate, knows his business.

The club intends to observe something like a close season during the second term, like most other College clubs, and for the same old reason, work. Moreover, the Club is only feeling its way as yet, and its talent is not yet very mature, that is why their concert programme consisted of items contributed by non-Collegiate performers.

Good as the concert was, it was nothing, so runs the legend on the notice board, to what the Annual Dinner set down for Capping Day will be. It is a pity, though, that this function is going to conflict with another promoted by the Students' Association for the benefit of the undergraduates generally, of both sexes. Such clashing cannot but be detrimental to both functions, and the Club's Executive would be well advised to avoid a recurrence of such a state of things wherever possible.