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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913

Otago 'Varsity v. Victoria College

Otago 'Varsity v. Victoria College.

This was the first time on which we had met Otago on the cricket field, but it is certainly not to be the last. The Basin Reserve was the scene of the encounter, and Good Friday and Easter Saturday the time; the turf was good and the weather conditions excellent, although the shortness of the afternoon was a drawback, and precluded the finishing of the match. Going first to the wickets, Victoria College compiled 151 runs. Dempsey and Howe put up a fine partnership for the second wicket, contributing 70 runs; the former's score of 36 included 6 fours. Howe (21), Dickson (31), Atmore (14), and Duncan (13) were the only other double figure scorers., when stumps were drawn for the day Otago had four wickets down for 104, but the tail failed to wag, and the innings closed for 138. Duncan obtained the excellent average of four for 22, and Dempsey two for 17; Dickson and M'Intosh took one for 29, and three for 54 respectively.,

As in the Canterbury match, our second innings was a marked improvement on the first, and we declared with four wickets down for 198. Fanning played a forceful innings for his 23, which included a six and three fours. Birch (41) and Howe (48) were both run cut, and Dickson carried his bat for 45.

Otago were left with two hours in which to get 212. Nugent was at once dismissed without scoring, but A. W. Alloo and Tweedie knocked up 70 in three-quarters of an hour, the former being bowled for 45, the letter for 33. Reid got 38, and the call to time found Otago 47 runs behind our total, with four wickets to fall. Dempsey (two for 12) came off best in the bowling.

The following is a summary of the matches played in the Senior Championship during the last season:—

v. Petone : Lost by 9 wickets. V. C. 114, (Fanning 39, Dempsey 15, Jameson 10) and 123 (Brich 31, Dickson not out 28, Howe 18, Saunders 14). Petone 207 and 33 for one wicket.

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v. Lower Hutt : Won by 24 runs on 1st innings. V. C., 173 (Caddick 48, M'lntosh 34, Birch 26, Burns22, Fanning 17) and 161 for eight wickets (M'Intosh 22, Dempsey not out 10). Hutt, 149.

v. Central : Lost by 83 runs on 1st innings. Central, 175 and 32 for two wickets (innings declared closed). V. C., 95 (Birch 18, Howe 16, Fanning 16, M'Intosh 12) and 52 for seven wickets (Howe 17, Fanning 16).

v. South : Lost by 10 wickets. V. C., 54 (Dickson 16) and 68 (Dempsey 12). South, 115 and 10 for no wickets.

v. East B : Lost by 3 runs on 1st inning. V. C., 63 (Birch 12, Howe 10, Griffiths 10) and 119 (Birch 28, Dickson 20, M'Intosh 18, Dempsey 11). East B, 66 and 112 for 9 wickets.

v. East A : Lost by an innings and 27. V.C., 98 (Burns 20, Fanning 17, M'Intosh 16) and 140 (M'Intosh 71, Dempsey 14, Burns 11). East A, 265.

v. North : Lost by 34 runs. V. C., 147 (Howe 40, Burch 18, Dickson 25, Burns 17, Saunders 10) and 34 (Fanning 14). North,, 76 and 139.

v. Petone : Won by 13 runs on 1st innings. V. C., 178 (Dickson 59, Brich 42, M'intosh 21, Howe 14) and 140 for 6 wickets (Dickson 38, Howe 26, Fanning 20).

v. East B : Won by default.

Batting Averages : M'Intosh, 18.91; Dickson, 15.57; Birch, 13.5; Howe, 12.53; Fanning, 12.14.

Bowling Averages : Saunders (cosch), 12.9; Dickson, 14.64; M'Intosh, 17.78.

It has practically been decided to return the visit of the Otago 'Varsity team at Christmas time. In all probability three or four games will be played, one at Queenstown, which we propose to visit after leaving Dunedin. Those members who have never sat on the edge of Lake Wakatipu on a moonlight night and listened to—well! Never mind; come with us at Christmas.

"Birch attempted to sneak one off W. Alloo, and as a result Howe went out. Dickson then to the wickets and was dismissed in a similar way. The ball was returned smartly, and Burns knocked down the stumps, the umpire giving Birch out."— N.Z. Times.

Umpire (loq.) : "Out you go Birch."

Birch : "Shan't!"

Umpire : "Oh, well! Somebody ought to, you know, Dickson.'!