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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913



Through the courtesy of Mr. J. P. Firth, the Club's Annual Sports were this year held on the upper ground, Wellington College, and barring such little trifles as a fresh northerly breeze, the shortness of the track, and the absence of programmers until half-way through, were in every way successful, for the fields in most events were good, the performances well up to standard, and the competition keen throughout, and after all that is the main thing.

The attendance was good, the majority of spectators being ladies, as was only fitting. The afternoon tea, dispensed under adverse conditions, was warmly appreciated, and the Club is most grateful to those girls who so readily sacrificed their share of the afternoon's enjoyment and, making light of difficulties, so capably presided over the tea urn and the buttered scones.

The programme included two events for Wellington College boys, and both of these provided good fields and close finishes.

We have already referred to the lack of programmes in the earlier stages of the meeting, which recalled to some few of those present the sports of 1908; however things were not so bad this time, as the programmes did ultimately turn up, whereas five years ago they failed altogether to put in an appearance,

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Lest harsh and unconsidered judgments should be passed, we hasten to absolve the Club's officers from all blame in the matter, as regards the printer would ask you to forgive and forget; besides, as one who shall be nameless went into the matter in his usual impartial and unimpassioned manner as he accompanied the erring tradesman up from town, we doubt if anything remains to be said on the subject.

The following are the results of the various events:—

100 Yards Handicap.

(Record, 10 2/5 sec,; A. T. Duncan, 1912.)

1st Heat : G. Strack (4yds.), 1; E. M. Mackersey (4yds.), 2. Time, 10 3/5 sec.

2nd Heat : A. T. Duncan (scr.), 1; J. Grey (10yds.), 2. Time, 10 2/5 sec.

3rd Heat : W. Bennett (6yds.), 1; C. Strack (7yds.), 2. Time, 10 2/5 sec.

Final : A. T. Duncan, 1; W. Bennett, 2; G. "Strack, 3. Time, 10 2/5 sec.

A great finish. Duncan in excellent form.

Half-Mile Handicap.

(Best performance, 2min. 5 2/5sec.; F. Reid, 1912.)

L. J. Shaw (25yds.), 1; S. T. Seddon (10yds.), 2. Time, 2min. 10sec.

Six others started, but all dropped out.

High Jump Handicap.

(Record, 5ft. 7½.; F. Hall-Jones, 1912.)

W. Bennett (2in.), 5ft. 4in., 1; W. Longhurst (3in.), 5ft. 2in., 2.

There were numerous entries for this event, and the competition was keen. Hall-Jones seemed to lack training, and could not produce his form of the previous year.

120 Yards Hurdles Handicap.

(Best performance, 18sec.; T. H. Holmden, 1907.) K. Strack, 1; G. Strack, 2; C. Strack, 3.

Quite a family affair, there being only one other starter.

Mile Walk Handicap.

G. M. Cleghorn (100yds.), 1; A. B. Sievwright (scr.), 2. Time, 7min. 1 4/5sec.

There were no there starters. Cleghorn courted disaster by competing without any training, but still contrived to get home by about 50yds. Sievwright's time was, by an oversight, not taken, and it was decided to let his performance at Easter count as a Club record.

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220 Yards Handicap.

(Record, 23sec.; A. T. Duncan, 1912.)

1st Heat :W. Bennett (10yds.), 1; A. East (12yds.), 2; W. Longhurst (15yds.), 3. Time, 24 2/5sec.

2nd Heat : A. T. Duncan (scr.), 1; R. W. Bruce (9yds.), 2; J. Bullard, 3. Time, 24 2/5sec.

Final : A. T. Duncan, 1; W. Longhurst, 2. Time, 23 4/5 sec.

The final of this race was completely spoilt by the fact that all the rest of the field came down in a heap at the very awkward corner just before the straight. Some were rather badly spiked, though no serious damage was done.

Mile Flat Handicap.

(Record, 4min. 35 2/5sec.; T. Rigg, 1911.)

L. Shaw (50yds.), 1; H. Williams (scr.), 2; Greville (60yds.), 3. Time, 4min. 53 4/5sec.

A disappointing race. Seddon was expected to extend Williams, but faded away at an early stage; he seemed quite out of form.

Putting the Shot Handicap.

(Best performance, 31ft. 7in.; G. P. Anderson, 1908.) W. Bennett (scr.), 32ft. 6in., 1; C. A. Caigou (scr.), 29ft. 10½., 2; W. Longhurst (scr.), 29ft. 5in., 3.

Broad Jump Handicap.

(Best performance, 19ft.,; A. H. Bogle, 1910.) K. Strack (2ft.), 7in., 1; W. Longhurst (1ft.), 20ft. 5in., 2; W. Bennett (9in.), 19ft. 11 in., 3. Seven others competed.

440 Yards Hurdles Handicap.

(Best performance, 64 4/5sec.; G. Strack, 1911.) C. Strack (scr.), 1; G. Strack (scr.), 2; A. Mackie (25yds), 3.

440 Yards Flat Handicap.

(Record, 53sec.; A. T. Duncan, 1911)

A. T. Dunecan (scr.), 1; H. Jowett (12yds.), 2; S. T. Seddon (15yds.), 3. Time, 54 2/5sec.

This provided an excellent contest, Jowett running splendidly and being beaten only on the tape.

Three Mile Flat Handicap.

(Best performance, 16min. 22 2/5sec.; T. Rigg, 1912.)

A. Hudson (scr.), 1; H. Williams (scr.), 2; S. R. Ellis (40yds.), 3. Time, 14min, 5 4/5sec.

This race was Hudson's almost from the crack of the pistol; he made short work of the rest of the field and, running the greater part of the distance unpaced, won very easily. It was therefore very disappointing to discover, when all was over, that page 62 one lap (330yds.) had been missed by the track judge, so that a splendid record was lost. The Committee therefore decided to take Hudson's time at the Tournament, should it beat the previous best, as the Club record. Williams deserves a word of praise for the game way in which he stuck to his task, although he must have been feeling the effects of his mile earlier in the afternoon

The inter-Faculty Banner went to Arts and Science, who beat the Law by a two to one majority.

A. T. Duncan carried off the Graduate's Cup for best performance, W. Bennett the Oram Cup for most points.