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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913

Tennis Notes

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Tennis Notes

Tennis Notes

"An uneventful season" is recorded by the Tennis Club, although we may be pardoned for suggesting that the retaining of the Tennis Shield by the senior team for the second season in succession is not unworthy of record. This year, too, the College improved upon her year's performance by going right through the competition without defeat.

The Cup A (Junior) and Racquet A (Fourth Grade) teams, and in the Women's Grade the Senior team, all had successful seasons, each losing only one match, and being runners-up for their respective grade premierships.

Once again have we to lament an Easter barren of championships, our only consolation being that in four out of five events we reached the final.

Tennis at Victoria College seems to be entering on a lean period. In numbers the Club membership has been well maintained, the roll at present containing 95 names, but no remarkable talent has as yet disclosed itself amongst the new-comers.

By defeating Cleghorn, Parker has made the Club Championship practically his own, while Miss Tennant is leading for the Women's Championship; there are still a few more games to be played in each case.

Lack of entries was the principal cause for the abandonment of the handicap tourney last season, a reproach which should be remove next summer.

The following is a summary of the positions of our various teams playing in the Saturday matches :—

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A. E. Caddick, Miss D. Gavin, F. G. Hall-Jones, R. H. Quilliam, Miss K. M. L. Houghton. H. H. Daniell, Miss M. L. Nicholls, P. B. Broad, F. L.G. West, Miss F. Cooke, G. G. G. Watson. Miss W. Cathie, R. Bruce.

Students' Association Executive, 1913

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Men's Grade.

Played. Won Lost. Position in Grade.
Senior 6 6 1
Junior A 9 8 1 2
Junior B 9 6 3 4
Third 6 1 5 7
Fourth A 5 4 1 2
Fourth B 5 0 5 6

Women's Grade.

Senior 4 3 1 2
Third A 6 3 3 4
Third B 6 1 5 6