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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913


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The Football Club may, appropriately enough, have its ups and downs; the Glee Club, moribund one year, may be full of lusty life the next; various male social clubs may die and, dying, Phœnix-like gave birth to successors themselves no longer lived; but the Hockey Club is a worthy rival of the Scriptural bay-tree—it still retains the proud distinction of putting more teams into the field than any city club, and it still maintains a consistently high standard of play in each grade.

A notable absentee from the ranks of the First Eleven is that old warhorse Rawdon Beere, a consistent goal-getter for something like eight seasons, and more than once an indefatigable captain.

On the whole, however, the team is not greatly changed; the backs are all in their last year places, the new-comers being Cleghorn and "Strack tertius" in the forward line, and if any one has any doubts as to the efficiency of the said forward line we can but refer his to the Monday issue of nay of the local dailies.

At one time it was contemplated entering the Seconds as a Senior B team, but as this course would have deprived the First Eleven of its reserves, the Committee thought better of it, although the team is really well up to Senior standard.

The season opened with a seven a-side handicap tournament, in which College was represented by four teams. The A's reached the fourth round, but the task of catching up their opponents' handicap proved beyond their powers. The B's went one better and reached the semi-finals, but they too succumbed. The C and D teams had perforce to be content with a smaller measure of success.

We give below a summary of the various matches played up to the time of going to press.

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First Eleven.—Captain : C. Strack.

v. Willington.—Won, 5—4. A very willing game, and exciting withal. The team did not seem to settle down properly to work until the second spell, when what had begun to look like defeat was turned into victory. This match was quite a brilliant debut for Cleghorn, who put on four goals, the other one being due to Griffiths.

v. Metropolitan.—Won, 9—0. The steady downpour of rain which lasted throughout this match quite failed to damp the ardor of our forward line, as the score conclusively shows. Suffice it that the fun was fast and furious, so much so that the Secretary has been unable to sort out the scorers; with admirable restraint he notes that the team is "shaping much better."

v. Karori.—Won, 9—1, and recalled to old stagers golden memories of that great victory of 1910, which snatched the Championship from Karori and gave it to us. Although we certainly found Karori "a tasty dish," and "picked the bone" fairly clean, yet we do protest we are not the cannibals the "Dominion" would have people believe. Again we regret we connot immortalise the scorers.

v. United.—Won, 8—4. Another "day out," as the "Post" has it, with the United forwards putting in some great rallies at intervals. Cleghorn and C. Starck each netted 3 goals, G. Strack and Griffiths 1 each. Newspaper prophets as to the Championship seem now to have cast aside all doubts.

IIA.—Captain : Foden.

v. Greggs.—Won, 9—o. Foden (4), Collins (3) Jones and Salek scored. Cockerill was brilliant in defence.

v. Karori.—Won, 4—1. Forwards' combination improved, Collins especially prominent. The half-back line also played up well. Collins (3) and Salek scored.

v. Wellington.—Drawn, 1—1. A hard—fought game, Cockerill being once more a tower of strength. Scorer unknown.

v. St. Marks.—Won, 2—0. Salek scored both goals.

IIB.—Captain: Eager.

v. K. Y. M. I.—Lost, 12—2. :Here we are, here we are again!" The old, complaint—2 men short. Well, after all, "the fewer men the greater share of honour, Eager and Scott scored for us.

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v. United.—Won, 2—1. Everyone did his share, Heron and Jowett being most prominent. Eager and Seddon were the scorers.

v. Gregg's.—Won, 7—3. Seddon (3) Eager (2), Scott and Jowett scored for the College.

III.—Captain: Edwards.

v. Miramar.—Won, 22—6. Sorry we cannot supply the scorers' names, especially of him who put through a goal for the other side. Some of our cricket teams are said to be consumed with envy.

v. Hutt Valley.—Won by default. Great is the mana of V. C.! We are assured that the team "sought all round the Hutt Park in vain for their opponents." Bloodthirsty wretches!

v. Wellington.—Lost, 0—9. "Pride goeth —."

In conclusion, the Spike would urge upon all hockey players, past and present, the desirability of their giving active and immediate support to the Executive of the Club in its efforts to secure a club-house at Karori Park. The advantages thereof are so obvious that it is superfluous to set them forth, and as the annual rental is estimated to be but £2. 10S. a year, the object aimed at should not prove impossible of achievement if only each will do his share.

N. B.— The Club will not refuse assistance from non-players.