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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1913

"Eight Hours Day Wheel Race

"Eight Hours Day Wheel Race.

Melbourne, April 23.

violable; we should prove ourselves ir-miles, resulted : Gore."

The Dominion.

Apparently an accident of some sort.

* * *

"That night I wrote an ode to her eyelash, which has since been consigned to the flames."—M.S. in our waste-paper basket.

Vous l'avez echappe belle, mon ami!

* * *

"The demand for chaff is still on the slack side, although at the present time consignments from the country are not so heavy."—Otago Witness.

Never mind, the Dunedin boys will probably prove equal to the occasion.

* * *

"K. & S. Ltd. Are making a special offer of 45in. shot Merveilleux silk, worth 35. IId., at 5s. 6d. a yard. This is a great bargain."—Ad. in Evening post.

"Great" isn't the word.

* * *

"Lady would like little Girl or Boy, about 3, to take charge in her own home. Write Refined, Evening Post."

We know the sort, dear little things!