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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1911

Joie de Vivre

page 26

Joie de Vivre.

Joy flashed with a stream down a mountain side,
Where I washed my face at down,
When the sun leaped up and laughed at the world,
And the jocund day was born.

Joy walked with me down the mountain path
And along the dusty ways;
She laughed with the sun and sang with the birds,
This fairest of summer days.

When I slept noon-tide she filled my dreams,
Then awoke me quick to see
The sunlight that danced on the river blue,
The beauty of grass and tree.

And then on thro' the golden afternoon,
And into the woodland ways,
Where the twilight shadows were soft and green,
All hid from the Sun's hot rays.

When the sun grew tired and sank from our sight,
And the grey dusk reigned instead,
Joy led me along thro' the village street,
In search of a meal and bed.

And when I had supped and mused for a while,
To bed I went, well content;
The smile on my lips was my prayer of thanks,
For a day with Joy, well spent.