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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1910



"Arrows fled not swifter toward their aim."

—King Henry VII.

The most noteworthy event in the annals of the Club since the last issue has been the inauguration of an Inter-Faculty Contest. This was the result of a very interesting discussion at the last annual general meeting, when the new committee was recommended to institute such a contest. The object of such a contest was to instil into the minds of the men an interest in athletics, and this has been accomplished. In spite of the fact that last year we were unable to hold a sports meeting, owing to the lack of interest on the part of our budding athletes, this year the meeting was a success from every point of view. The Inter-Faculty Contest resulted in Arts and Science beating law by 43 points to 34 points. The ladies had promised a banner for this contest, but the secretary is still anxiously awaiting its appearance. Lady readers please note!

On the day of the meeting the weather was all that could be desired, and the attendance of students and their friends was very gratifying. In spite of the fact that many of the competitors were under-trained, the racing was, on the whole, distinctly good. One feature of the meeting was the success of a number of freshmen who should find places in the tournament team next year.

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A.T. Duncan won the Championship Cup, with 54.75 points, P.J. McNamara being second with 45.8 points. The Oram Challenge Cup was won by A.H. Bogle. with 9 points, A.T. Duncan being second with 7 £points.

The following are the results of the various events:—

100 Yards Flat.

First Heat.

A. T. Duncan, scr. 1. F.F.Reid, 6 yds, 2. W.G.Salmond, 8 yds, 3.

Time 10 3/5 secs.

Second Heat.

E. M. Mackersey, 6 yds. 1. G. Strack. 3 yds. 2. A. S. Faire, 7 yds, 3.

Time 10 2/5 secs.


Mackersey and Duncan, dead heat, 1. Strack, 3

Time 10 4/5 secs.

An exceedingly close race. Duncan, by a fine effort, managed to draw up level with Mackersey on the tape.

220 Yards Flat.

A.S.Faire, 13 yds. 1. P. Broad, 18 yds. 2. G. Strack, 6 yds. 3.

Time 23 3/5 secs.

Won rather easily.

440 Yards Flat.

A. T. Duncan, scr. 1. W. G. Salmond, 14 yds. 2. A. H. Robinson, 22 yds. 3.

Time 55 1/5 secs.

Duncan ran a well judged race and won as he liked.

880 Yards Flat.

W. G. Salmond, 40 yds. 1. T. Rigg, scr. 2. A. T. Duncan, scr. 3.

Time 2 min. 4 3/5 secs.

Won by about 5 yards. The race between the scratch men was very good, and the staying powers of "Shick " enabled him to vanquish his speedier opponent.

1 Mile Flat.

D. S. Smith, 60 yds. 1. T. Rigg, scr. 2. G. H. Robertson, 95 yds. 3.

Time 4 min. 45 3/5 secs.

Won fairly easily. The effect of Rigg's effort in the Half Mile was very apparent in this race as he seemed tired the whole way.

3 Miles Flat.

P. Burbidge, 250yds. 1. D. S. Smith, 100yds. 2. W. J. Clachan, 180yds. 3.

Time, 16 min. 38 1-5 secs.

Won by about 200 yds. Running with a free easy style, "Peanuts" made the most of his handicap, and won as he liked.

1 Mile Walk.

M. Cleghorn, scr. 1. J. Wilson, scr. 2. D. Riddiford, scr. 3.

Time, 7 min. 53 3-5 secs.

Cleghorn came away in the second lap, and was not afterwards pushed. The others ran well.

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120 Yards Hurdles.

A. H. Bogle, owe 6yds. 1. C. Struck, owe 2yds. 2. P. J. McNamara, scr. 3. Time, 18 sec.

The only starters. Won comfortably.

440 Yards Hurdles.

C. Strack, scr. 1. A. H. Bogle, set., 2.

Time, 67 4/5 secs.

The only finishers. Strack sprinted well at the finish and won by a yard.

High Jump.

A. H. Bogle, scr., P. J. McNamara, scr. W. J. Clockall, 6in., all equal.

Height, 5ft.

The ground was slippery, and against good jumping. With the bar at 5ft. 1in. "Paddy" fell rather badly, and could not get into his stride again.

Long Jump.

H. L. Griffiths, 1ft. 3in., 1. A. H. Bogle, scr., 2. A. T. Duncan, set., 3.

Distance, 19ft. 9in.

Most competitors failed from lack of practice.

Putting the Weight.

F. A. Wilson lft. 1. J. Wilson, scr. 2. P. J. McNamara, scr. 3.

Distance, 29ft.

Very poor performance.

Throwing the Hammer.

F. A. Wilson, 25ft. 1. J. Wilson, scr. 2. J. D. Brosnan, 25ft. 3.

Distance, 96ft. 5in.

Very mediocre performances. Record still intact.

Relay Race.

Hockey, 1. Football, 2. Cricket, 3.

Time, "not understood."

Hockeyites played two defaulters but won comfortably.

Everybody interested in athletics should make a point of coming to the next Annual General Meeting, which will be held in the month of September next.