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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1910

Examination system in India

Examination system in India.

A Calcutta gentleman has recently made a searching report of the conditions which surround University life in that city. He points out that one of the chief reason for the large percentage of students who are to be found in the ranks of the Indian anarchists lies in the wretched system under which they are educated. First and foremost of many evils, he places the system of examinations. We would like to quote from his report because it gives a good example of how the "tabloid" lecture method is utilised. "He (the student) relies upon the "notes" provided by some Professor whose reputation stands high, and to secure two or three sets of these substitutes for text-books, boys from the same village will go to different colleges. They are thus able to exchange notes to their mutual benefit (?). To the task of committing these examination aids to memory, the student gives up all the time not spent in attending lectures." We know of one faculty at least at our own College in which these words would to a great extent apply. Of course, in New Zealand other circumstances prevent the consequences from seeming so serious, but that the result will be, in the long run, prejudicial to the national life, there can be no doubt.