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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1910

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". . . . juventus
Non tantum Veneris quantum studiosa culinae."


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"We live in a wale." The pessimistic words find an echo in the bosom of many a hopeless toiler, but can hardly be applicable to us; indeed, even inveterate valley-dwellers, who have climbed dancewards up Mount Street, feel that they have qualified at least as members of the Alpine Club. And such a spirit of exuberant optimism is engendered in all by the elevated position of the gymnasium, that neither landslides nor anti-smoking leagues can utterly depress. But yet, for some reason, the break-up dance of last year was hardly the overwhelming success of former times. Such a dance might well be the occasion when the merits of the girl who has failed in terms may even prevail over those of the prospective M.A., and when a new frock and a good waltz should be infinitely more important than all the degrees obtainable. But, as it was, a regrettable air of weariness pervaded the top floor, while the sawdust-like properties of the sandwiches failed to add to the cheerfulness of the supper room below. However, it is hardly likely that youth and beauty are for ever to be sacrificed on the altar of examination, or that real work must of necessity produce that blase attitude towards real play which is both unbecoming and undesirable. Jaded looks and lack of laughter, however, were certainly not the characteristics of the two functions held this year. At the welcome to new students, graduates put on the spirits, if not the garb, of their youth, and consorted with a host of juniors in most friendly fashion, "Simon says" providing a game for all, in the hands of an energetic commander. Then, too, the M.C.R.C. came forward to fill a dance-less term; so that, if we must condemn their choice of linoleums, we are yet ready on every occasion to dance to their piping, and to be grateful for the opportunity. A fretful critic might complain of the weakness of the coffee at one function, or of the leisurely progress of the waltzes at another; we are willing to let it pass, and to express our gratitude to the hard workers and good sports who make our social life the success it is.