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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1909

Third Fifteen

Third Fifteen.

Matches played 13; won 3; drawn 4; lost 6.

Points for 50; against 72.

V. C. v Melrose. Lost, 6—3. Williams picked up smartly and dashed over. Jordan and Clemance stood out the forwards.

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V. C. v Old Boys. Lost, 6—3. Mackay kicked a penalty goal. Our opponents showed superior combination.

V.C. v Oriental. Drawn, 3 all. A most enjoyable game—no falling away in our score. Jackson scored a neat try. Dowling conspicuous among the forwards.

V. C. v St. James. Lost, 16—6. A severe shock to the dreams of conquest consequent on our performance the previous week. Dowling taking advantage of a zephyr out of the south, kicked a penalty goal from our own goal line—more or less. While Mackay held the full-back down, Hall-Jones scored a good try.

V. C. v Polhill. Drawn, 3 all. This was an uninteresting game save for occasional flashes by our backs who were working well together. The stockings of the opposing wing-forward were another feature. McCartney scored.

V. C. v Athletic. Won, 13—0. Williams having advised us that Athletic were exceptionally weak, we made a terrific onslaught and hewed our way to a single Victoria. Griffiths an Anton, our five-eighths, played splendidly. Griffiths scored two tries which Mackay converted; Mackay also kicked a penalty goal.

V. C. v Selwyn. Drawm, 3 all. That elusive cup! we had Jordan back after an absence and he marked his return by scoring from a line-out. McRae foul of an opponent, and, resorting to self-help, was required by the referee to see the rest of the game from the bank.

V. C. v Petone. Lost, 12—5. Anton, as usual, played hard to the finish. Griffiths scored a clever try which Mackay converted.

V. C. v Epuni. Drawn. 5 all. We led right to the last two minutes when our opponents got in. Edie scored and Mackay converted. Bridgman and Gray played strenuonsly in the forwards, as did Anton in the backs. Williams made an excellent full-back.

V. C. v Karori. Won, 3—0—and "we did it with ten men!" Goodness knows where the others were, or what we might have done with a full team. Possibly the vacation accounted for the shortage of men. Johnston scored.

V. C. v St. Johns. Lost, 3—0. For the first time our score sheet stood bank. The Spike editor played magnificently, demonstrating that the pen is as mighty as the jersey any day.

V. C. v Wellington. Won 3—0. We were now getting too accustomed to winning to exhibit jubilation. Gray, after threading his way through a marsh set the ball down in a sea of mud, and sat on it—in short, scored a very good and very dirty try.

V. C. v Southern. Lost, 15—0. Southern were leading for the championship and we decided to shake them up. The referee, having a look at the state of the ground, declared the match off, and left. Bridgman, however, was very keen on playing, so finally we got our coy opponents to play, with a referee extemporized. Like a true sport he kept the whistle quiet—a fact which our opponents turned to better account than we. Anton, Bridgman, and Macartney strove hard to stem the tide of red, but without avail.