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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1909

Answers to Correspondance

page 80

Answers to Correspondance.

Sketch of men standing in a row

Prof. v-n Z-dl-tz.—Your monody," Take arms against a sea of trouble," disarm us. We agree that it might cheaper to stay away and pay the fines for non-attendance. But stick to it; it encourages the boys.

Profs. H-nt-r and M-ck-nz-e.—Your offer to act as mediums in a spiritualistic sideshow at the Bazaar is most acceptable. There should be no difficulty in borrowing mango seeds, dirt, and humming birds. Possibly Bailey's stock will be going cheap by that time.

M.H. Or-m.—The copyright in Moses expired some time ago so that you have no cause for grievance against anyone else using his name.

R. K-nn-dy.—i. see above. Ii."And."

A.H. B-gle—We have submitted the matter to our legal advisers who inform us that raffles cannot be held in the gymnasium as they come within the definition of "gambling," and are therefore within the scope of the Gaming and Lotteries Act. The telling of fortunes by cards seems to have been overlooked by the Law Draftsman, but you had better consult Mr. von Haast on this point.

D. H-gg-rd.—Yes—we mean, no.

J.W-ls-n.—We have received your explanation, and regret that tonsorial duties should have interfered with your turning out to hockey on two occasions this season. We agree that a barber who charges sixpence should, according to the law of proportion, take half as long as one who charges a shilling. Still, you might have asked the gaping assistant to ring up and warn your team of your enforced absene.

F.A.d-l-M-re.—Re your Swimming Club; Shackleton tells us he went forty days without a wash; never looked or felt better in his life. Latest scientific option, however, is in favor of a bath on the second Tuesday in each month.