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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1909

Socials and Entertainments

page 76

Socials and Entertainments.

Sketch of two men and a woman in formal dress

EEntertainments this term have been few and far between, in fact it is mainly of prospective entertainments that it is possible to speak. Nevertheless we have twice made use of the new gymnasium for purely frivolous purposes, and twice enjoyed ourselves exceedingly in spite of the staircase, which we have been assured is a "death-trap," and in spite also of the extremely small dressing room which has certainly proved itself a trap for the unwary damsel eager for a glance in the glass.

The Christian Union excelled themselves in providing good entertainment for their guests and set an admirable example to other College Clubs when they proved conclusively that a man, and, what is more important, a girl, can be happy through not dancing. It was quite a treat to see ardent devotees of Terpsichore employed in an enthusiastic celebrity hunt; or cheering to the echo the soul-stirring music of those budding musicians, who have now at least gained for themselves notoriety it not fame.

The Men's Common Room Club entertainment was, quite unintentionally, another huge success, and the lucky few who went to it, while marveling at the casual manner of man (taken in the lump) have nothing but praise for the ultimate result.

page 77

Of prospective pleasures it is perhaps after all better not to speak. A horrid gulf yawns between, and it is difficult to distinguish objects on the further side, since the fumes of midnight oil tend much to obscure the view and limit the perspective of even the most optimistic of us, who toil in the pursuit of that fetish, the examination. Oh these strange gods! When will they have enough of sacrifice? When shall we be free to turn again to our legitimate employment, the pursuit of pleasure? By the end of November truly, and the new year will see us eager to embark on fresh ventures, or two attempt again the old, quite oblivious of the groans and sighs which are our present portion.

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