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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1909



On Saturday, 5th June, in the College, Professor Mackenzie delivered an address upon "Amateur Theology in English Literature." There were over 40 present. The Professor said, that since a learned class has grown up outside the clergy, theologian has arisen. Naming Carlyle as the high-priest of this new order, he very interestingly discovered Carlyle's theological view, as far as that write has shown them. He scathingly condemned the realism of certain modern novelists who forgot that true art is to show "the good, the beautiful, and the true."

A missionary address was given on June 19th, in the College, by Miss Hill, who was home on furlough from India. She told of work in a village of the great plain of India, and of the crying need for more missionaries. Miss Hill has been for several year in India and has her heart in the work. A novel feature of the meeting was the introduction of two young girls, closely veiled in Indian fashion. Miss Holden also spoke at this meeting.

The Christian Union Social was revived this year and was held in the gymnasium on July 24th, the first Saturday of the second term, and the day of the opening of the Gymnasium. Invitations had been sent to all students, and the Social was very successful indeed. More than 200 students were there. The thanks of the Union are too many willing helpers other than members of the Union.

Dr. Gibb spoke upon the subject of "The Trinity," on Saturday, 7th August, in the Gymnasium. About thirty-five members were present. the speaker traced the growth of the conception of the Trinity in the early Christain Church, by page 56 showing how it had met the growing idea of God. The doctrine of the Trinity was one of the most inspiring in the Christian faith.

In the Gymnasium on Saturday, 21st August, the Rev Johnston spoke on "Methods of Textual Criticism." In a very clear and instructive address, he told of the different groups of manuscripts extant of the Bible. He told of the conflict of manuscripts, and of the principles which govern critics in appreciating variant readings.

The Rev. W. Mawson addressed the Union on Saturday, August 28th, in the College, upon "Mission work in China. He spoke simply of his work in the Canton villages, and stirringly of his hopes and fears for China. There were thirty-five members present.

Another Missionary address was given at the next general meeting of the Union, on Saturday, September 18th, in the Gymnasium. The Rev. W. G. Ivens spoke of the Melanesian Mission. Mr. Ivens has spent some years in Mission work in the Solomons. He painted three vivid pictures of his work—mental and spiritual state. Thirty-three members were at the meeting.

A. D. Brodie, Corresponding Secretary, V. C. C. U.