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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1909


page 46


'Bazaar' written in semi-gothic script

TThe Students' Association is in an unenviable financial position. We have a Gymnasium and Social Hall saddled with debt to the extent of about £70. Neither the Gymnasium nor the Social Hall can fully fulfill its functions until furnished. To do this completely would cost well over £200. The Executive of the Students' Association hopes that, before another year has passed, the building will be furnished sufficiently for most student needs. At present the credit balance stands at something under double figures. Something must be done and the Executive has decided that that something shall take the form of a



to be held

At the End of the Long Vacation

(About the third week in March)

Studetens can Make this a Big Success.

The Bazaar is to last three afternoons and evening. Anything will b sold from a crocheted counterpane to a cabbage. The women students especially can help here, but there will be plenty of work for all.

Do Your Share.

The preliminary arrangements are in the hands of woman members of the students' Association Executive. They are:—Misses L. McIntosh, Reeve, Barkas, E. Fell and Sampson. Every woman student should see that before the long vacation, she lets one of these know what she will do to help.

The men students will be kept busy when the day of the Bazaar approaches. Those who live out of Wellington should make a point of retuning before the end of the vacation and of informing some member of the Executive of their address. Many of them no doubt, can make or procure saleable goods without contravening Section 240 of the Crimes Act we are sure they will do so; also communicating with some member of the Executive.

There is one other point: one of the most important features of any bazaar is the sideshows. The men will be expected to manage these. Let us the original; or as original as possible; but anything that will make money will be acceptable. Those with ideas as to the form that sideshows should take need have no hesitation in coming forwards with their suggestions.

All can do something. In Otago the students held a bazaar and realised over £ 1,000.

We don't expect to do that l the enthusiasm and energetic activity on the part of the students are absolutely necessary for success. There of much work to do and the greater the number who enter into it wholeheartedly, the more successful will the Bazaar be.

Remember: Last Week in Vacation!