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The Spike or Victoria College Review, June 1906

November Examination Results

page 24

November Examination Results.

"One thing is forever good,
That one thing is success."


The following students of Victoria College passed their several examinations last November:—

Honours in Arts.—Ethel E. M. Martin, second class in Languages and Literature; Zoe E. Poynter, third class in Mental Science; M. W. E. Sprott, first class in Languages and Literature.

Master of Arts.—J. Henderson, Annie H. Tasker.

Bachelor of Music.—Florence B. Williams.

First Section, B.A. —C. A. Arthur (or first LL.B.); G. R. Barnett (or first LL.B.); N. G. Armstrong (or first LL.B.); D. S. Bedingfield; G. V. Bogle;. H. R. Bowater, or first LL.B.); Isabella D. Bruce; H. Buddle (or first LL,B.); A. F. I. Chorlton; J. Christie (or first LL.B.); Louisa A. Dallaston; I. Davey; S. Eichelbaum (or first LL.B.); H. E. Evans (or first LL.B.); Mary F. A. Falla; E. C. Feltham; F. W. Furby (or first LL.B.), A. M. Gould (or first LL.B.); Frances J. Grant; I. J. Griffin: W. C. Harley (or first LL.B.); J. W. A. Heenan (or first LL,B.); Kathleen M. Hewetson; W. H. Hoult; Catherine Jameson; D. Jenness; F. R. Lankshear; A. J. Luke (or first LL.B.); A. MacDougall; Lena M. MacKellar; S. S. Mackenzie (or first LL.B.); Florence Neilson; Beatrix M. Nicholson; H. J. Nightingale; L. F. Pegler; G. S. Prouse (or first LL.B.); Constance I. Strack; C. H. Taylor (or first LL.B.); F. K. Turnbull (or first LL.B.)

page 25

Final B. A.—Jessie O. Abernethy; W. J. Andrew; E. W. Beaglehole; J. G. Bee; L. F. de Berry; Elsie M. Bollinger; R. P. Clarkson; Ada Eastwood; J. H. Goulding; A. W. Griffiths; J. Henderson; H. G. R. Mason; Florence G. Roberts; Flo. Scott; Anastasia I. Slowey; Clara M. Taylor; Isabel E. S. Watson.

Final B.Sc.—P. W. Robertson.

Second LL.B.—A. Fair; P. G. Haddow; J. W. Hannan; H. F. O'Leary; W. V. Rout; G. Samuel; P. J. Scantlebury; W. H. Wilson.

First Section Third LL.B.—H. F. Ayson; E. J. FitzGibbon; W. Perry; G. Samuel; E. Tudhope; W. H. Wilson.

Final LL.B.—C. B. Collins; F. M. Martin; T. Neave; G. Toogood; J. G. Haddow.