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The Spike or Victoria College Review, June 1906



"Ah. fill the Cup; what boots it to repeat
How Time is slipping underneath our Feet!
Unborn To-morrow and dead Yesterday,
Why fret about them if To-day be sweet !"

—Omar Khayyam.

Though so much business was crowded into five short days, there was time as usual for the less strenuous and more social side of the Tournament. A casual observer indeed might have been excused for overlooking the business and thinking it altogether pleasure. The weather was so beautiful, and page 18 Christchurch so pretty in her Autumn tints, that the kindness and attention of the Christchurch people added the one thing left to make the holiday a perfect one. On Monday night, when the Sports were done and the harvest gathered in, forgetting our victories and defeats, we all met in the old Hall at Canterbury College, and danced the hours of night away—all, save the few who had to think of the battle on the morrow. A Garden Party given by Professor and Mrs. Blunt was very much enjoyed by all who were able to attend. Few of the Victoria College Students were able to stay for the River Picnic. While the camp-fires were throwing their fitful lights through the dark shade of the "Wainoni" pines, the "Mararoa" was vainly endeavouring to plough her way through a mud bank in Port Cooper, and, when at last the tug had hauled her through, we had our Concert on the broad deck. From the time the "Rotomahana" reached the Lyttelton wharf to the moment the engines of the "Mararoa" broke down off Cape Campbell, everything had been so calm and joyful that the worst sailor of the pilgrim crew rejoiced that Fate had extended the holiday even by three hours on the rolling main. At 11 o'clock in the forenoon we drew in sight of the College on the hill, and sighed that the game was over, and the steep paths of knowledge still to climb.

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