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The Spike or Victoria College Review, June 1906



"A little measure of success, a flood of flannelled joy."

—Old Play.

The Victoria College Tennis Club is to be heartily congratulated on its success of this year. Of the five Championship events it carried off four, and in the fifth its representatives were left to contest the final round. It may be said with some assurance that the win was deserved, for, recognising the fact that the last day must be very exhausting, most of the Victoria College players who had still to play on Tuesday, forsook the pleasures of the Dance on Monday night and reaped the harvest next day. Miss Roberts is to be particularly congratulated on the win against Miss C. Hull, of Auckland, which gave her the Ladies' Championship. Miss Roberts was apparently beaten with the score at 2—8, but game by game she drew upon her opponent until the score was 8 all. Miss Hull, who plays a fine game, had expended all her effort on the earlier part of the match, and Miss Roberts by sheer endurance won the next two games. It was a very plucky fight, and the most sensational win of these contests. The Combined Championships were well contested, and, though Miss Roberts and de la Mare won the event, they had to fight all the way, each match requiring the full three sets. In the first round against Mrs. Longton and Anderson (C.C.) the games were 6—4, 4—6, 6—2, and the second against Miss Hull and Oliphant (A.U.C.) resulted 6—1, 2—6, 6—4. In this match Miss Roberts was very successful in page 15 depriving the opposing net player of chances for his favourite smash. In the final against Miss Barker and Benjamin, Victoria College lost the first set 5—7, but after a hard struggle succeeded in winning the next two 6—4, 6—3. The Ladies' Doubles ended in a victory for Mrs. Longton and Miss Barker (C.C), over Miss Roberts and Miss Cox. In the Men's Singles G. S. Prouse ran to the final without serious difficulty, and R. St. J. Beere, after a stormy passage with A. Friedlander, of Otago (5—6, 6—4, 6—5), was left to contest the Championship with him. The match was played after the return to Wellington, and Prouse won two sets straight. Both sides were in very good form, and the play was excellent. In the Men's Doubles the most interesting game was the final between Prouse Brothers and Beere and de la Mare. Hardly ever during the three sets did more than one game separate the sides. In the first set the Prouse Brothers won by good ground driving (7—5), and thereafter Beere and de la Mare plied them with lobs, winning the two remaining sets 7—5, 7—5.

At the finish there was the same tale of exhaustion which it was hoped would be avoided by decreasing the number of entries. One player had twelve sets on Tuesday, and the last one was over barely half-an-hour before the last train left to catch the "Mararoa."

The following table shows the results:—

Tennis Championships (Saturday and Tuesday).
Men's Singles G. S. Prouse, V. C.
Men's Doubles R. St. J. Beere and F. A. de la Mare, V.C.
Combined Doubles F. A. de la Mare and Miss F. G. Roberts, V.C.
Ladies' Singles Miss F. G. Roberts, V.C.
Ladies' Doubles Mrs. C. V. Longton and Miss M. Barker, C.C.