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The Spike or Victoria College Review, June 1906

The Land Of God

The Land Of God

L. "I have slept, my lord, already."
B. "It was well done; and thou shalt sleep again."

—Julius Caesar.

A faint quivering of the eyelids is at length observable in our College Kip van Winkle, the Council. We doubt, however, if a full state of wakefulness has yet been reached, or, at any rate, had been reached, when the chairman was elected for this year. Perhaps the appointment may be looked upon as a prize for good attendance, for Dr. Findlay was, we believe, especially strong on this point; or perhaps it may be that the Council has given it as a reward for good work in the future.

In several respects, however, we cannot complain, for most of the requests of the Students' Association have been satisfactorily complied with. 150 chairs have been granted us, and these will supply a much-felt want. £30 has been passed for plastering the room above the library, and turning it into a common room. A path is to be laid across the sea of mud, soon to become a tenuis court. The cinders for this track have been arranged in neat mounds for quite a time already, and, after the next Councillor has had a mud bath, we may expect further developments as to their arrangement. Then too, the City Council is to be asked to place lights on the rise approaching the path. The spacious apartment on the left of the main entrance has been granted for the use of committees, and is really quite snug. "Standing room only" is a sign which has frequently to be displayed. Lastly, it is suggested that hot tea be supplied gratis to the unfortunate students whose lectures prevent them from having anything more substantial for several hours on end.

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Thus it will be seen, we have something to thank our Council for. Still, when we see the liberal donations which are pouring into the Y.M.C.A. building fund from all sides, a qualm sometimes seizes us as to whether a really earnest effort was ever made on the part of the Council on behalf of our building fund. The lining and sleeves of our new coat, will come, we trust, in due course.