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The Spike or Victoria College Review, June 1906

Have You Been Introduced to Your Fellow Students?

page 66

Have You Been Introduced to Your Fellow Students?

Though you he an absolute stranger to every other student in the College, we want You, if only for that very reason, to make a special point of attending the

Victoria College

Students' Association Annual Capping Carnival and Graduates' Supper to be given in the Sydney Street Schoolroom, on the 29th instant, in honour of the Graduates of the year. Each one of the 378 students now attending lectures at out College doubtless


to improve himself by attending College, but some are apt to forget, in their feverish anxiety to secure the addition of certain magic letters after their names,


they owe a duty to their fellow-students as well as to themselves. A University course is intended to INSTRUCT as well as Educate.

Every Student

should realise his responsibilities in this connection. If he claims to be a "superior" person, then let him be unselfish and help others to become polished like himself by associating with them; if he feels himself inferior to his fellows he


obviously profit by rubbing shoulders with those around him. The Students' Association exists for the purpose of promoting the welfare of students. Students, therefore, will


well to take advantage of such opportunities for the promotion of social intercourse and good fellowship, as will be afforded them on the 29th and 30th June by the RE-UNION of past and present graduates and undergraduates in honour of those whose hard-earned Diplomas will be presented to them on Capping Day. The Chancellor will doubtless have


little (?) say on the Friday afternoon, but the evening will be ours. Let it be clearly understood that in addition to the usual entertainment, carnival, concert—call it what you will—there is a Free Supper for students only which it is the


of all to attend. If You have not been to a previous one, come this time. If you Have been before—well, we shall expect you again!

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