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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1905

The Supper

The Supper.

"What needs we tell their feasts and goodly guise
In which was nothing riotous nor vain."


At the conclusion of the concert, an adjournment was made to the gymnasium, where the usual supper in honour of he graduates of the year was given to Professors, Students and Councillors. The supper must be pronounced a great success, if judged by the amount of enthusiasm and mutual admiration displayed. Speeches were made by Sir Robert Stout, Professors von Zedlitz and Easterfield, H. H. Ostler and W. Gillanders. Professor von Zedlitz replying to the toast of the "Professors and Lecturers," told of his grievous disappointed, when on going to the various profs. After the Long vacation to find out what was stirring in the University world (he himself had evidently passed the time in study), he fund them altogether averse to discussing educational problems. One prof., however, impressed on him his belief in the deep significance and profound truth of the saying "that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." During the evening the prize won at the Easter Tournament were presented. A presentation was also made to P. W. Robertson, the departing Rhodes Scholar. It took the form of a travelling bag, fitted with everything requisite. From a needle upwards. When it was seen that, unhappily, the toast list was exhausted and there was nothing left to cheer, those who wished to end a good day well, returned to the hall, where dancing was kept up vigorously till the small hours.

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