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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review June 1902

Answers to Correspondents

Answers to Correspondents.

J. B—n. (1.) Declined. We agree with you and Cicero as to the meaning of "disiderando," but deprecate as unscholarly the attempt to exult over the remains of a mosquito, especially when it has been slain with a Krupp gun and an army corps of classic ghosts.

(2.) We think it would not be unappropriate to introduce an "Aunt Sally" competition in the next University Tournament.

H. P. R—ch—nd. Your article received. Rather vindictive. Also too much H. P. R.

G. T—g—d. Your are quite correct. The Editor, upon consulting his Encyclopaodla Britannica, has discovered that 1320 stands for water, and on reading the article carefully, he has been so struck by the similarity of style between it and your instructive and welcome letter, that he is now almost persuaded that both article and letter came from the same pen.

S. G—th. (1.) We agree with you that some people talked much, and did little in connection with the Easter Tournament.

(2.) The Selection Committee could not take your reputation into account. You would no doubt have won the race without training, but you should have given ocular demonstration.

A. G. Q—y. We give you credit for patriotism and hard work as well as jaw. Please tabulate and condense your grievances, atd we will gladly publish them up to one page.

M. B—m. The appointment of Inspector of other people's tennis halls has not yet been made. Your application should be addressed to the .Secretary, V. C. T. C.