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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

Apia, Samoa

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Apia, Samoa.

Different versions of the ancestors and of the beginning of Samoa together with a record of events in past times down to the present day.

Although the stories and opinions from different districts differ and lack a single origin, yet they have been recorded. The recording has not been done under the eye of a critic for Samoan stories in the days of darkness were treasured in the heart and not written.

I, Teo Tuvale, have tried to gather these stories over many years for my own use and interest. Colonel Robert Logan intimated to me that he wished me to put on record the story of happenings in Samoa from ancient times to the present day in order that they should be issued in printed form, and I attempt to obey his wish with this object in view.

Teo Tuvale,

28th October, 1918.