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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

Harbours and Anchorages in Western Samoa

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Harbours and Anchorages in Western Samoa.

SALUAFATA: Lies ten miles east of Apia and is probably the best harbour in Samoa for large ships. The passage is open to the north but the anchorage is protected from the sea by reefs and small sand banks or islands on the reef. A good bottom is found at from 6 to 15 fathoms. Patches to the north east of the passage break in heavy northerly wirds. The extent of the harbour between the reefs is about one half a square mile. The bottom is of mud and shingle. Plenty of water.

FAGALOA BAY. A long deep bay running about two miles inland. It is from half to threequarters of a mile wide and was evidently at one time a crater. The water is very deep and varies from 24 to 36 fathoms with a rocky bottom. At the head of the bay the water shallows to about ten fathoms. The anchorage is bad owing to the heavy seas that roll in during the mortherly winds and it is most difficult for sailing vessels to beat out. A coral reef extends right round the bay a short distance from the shore. There is plenty of fresh water.

FALEALILI: On the south coast of Upolu. There is a good anchorage here in all winds except southerly and south westerly and westerly. It is well protected on the north by the mainland and on the east by reefs and the small island of Nuusafee. There is a good anchorage in from 13 to 20 fathoms. The bottom is sand and coral.

SAFATA: On the south coast of Upolu. There is a good harbour at a place called Lotofaga. It is open to the south and is well protected on all other sides by the reefs and mainland. There is a good anchorage in the outer harbour for large ships and for smaller ones in the inner harbour About half way in there are several patches upon which the seas break in heavy weather. There are also some patches which are dry at low water. There is a good bottom of sand and coral in from 8 to 20 fathoms.

MULIFANUA: At the western extremity of Upolu. This is an open roadstead that can be worked in ordinary trade or southerly winds but dangerous at any other times. The anchorage is about 1½ to 2 miles from the shore.

There are many other anchorages both inside and outside the reefs in Upolu but as they are only of use for small vessels up to 20 tons page 2 they are not mentioned.