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New Zealand: Acts affecting Native Lands, 1886, 1888-91 and 1894-95

New Zealand. Analysis

page 1

New Zealand. Analysis.

1.Short Title.
2.Saving of Diseased Cattle Acts.


3Interpretation. Schedule A.
4Governor may declare diseases affecting sheep.
5Governor may make regulations, &c.
6Districts and subdivisions.
7Governor to declare infected and clean districts. Runs on borders of different districts.
8Former appointments, districts, and regulations validated.

Inspectors of Stock.

9Inspectors of Stock to be appointed or removed, &c.
10Power of Inspector to enter on lands.
11Penalty for obstructing inspection.
12Inspector may require declaration from owner. Schedule B. Penalty for refusing to make declaration.
13Power of Inspector to call for evidence corroborative of declaration made.
14Penalty for refusal by persons in charge of sheep to give evidence.
15Penalty for giving false evidence.
16False report or certificate by Inspector.
17Penalty for Inspector taking undue fees.
18Protection of officers in execution of Act.
19List of diseased flocks to be published every three months and in Gazette.
20Inspectors to have official brands.

Rate Upon Sheep.

21Return of sheep to be furnished annually to Inspector. Schedule C.
22Yearly rate to be paid by owner of sheep.

Possession of Infected Sheep.

23Inspector to take immediate possession of infected sheep, and clean the same at expense of owner.
24Infected sheep may be destroyed. Compensation.
25Compensation-moneys to be deemed part of cost of administration of Act.
26Scabby sheep to be branded "S."Separation of rams from ewes.
27License of run may be suspended without compensation if sheep infected.
28Owners of infected sheep to give notice of disease.
29Infected sheep to be kept in enclosures or shepherded.
30Owner having several flocks depasturing on same run and one is infected.
31Penalty for abandoning infected sheep.
32Penalty for removing skins taken from infected sheep.
33Infected sheep in pound or public yards may be destroyed.

Introduction of Sheep by sea from Within the Colony.

34Landing sheep without certificate, or landing infected sheep.
35Inspector's certificate under preceding section. Schedule D.
36Penalty on master of vessel for allowing sheep to be landed without permission.
37Sheep introduced by sea to be dipped within certain limits.
38Sheep examined for importation to be branded with Inspector's brand.
39Governor, by Order in Council, may permit sheep arriving coastwise to be landed without inspection in certain cases.

Introduction of Sheep from Australasia.

40Restrictions in landing sheep from Australasian Colonies.
41Penalty on master of vessel landing sheep.
42Governor may relax restrictions.

Removal of Sheep from one District to Another.

43Sheep from clean district to any other district. General restriction on removal of sheep.
44Sheep from infected district to infected district.
45Sheep from infected district to clean district.
46Inspector's certificate under preceding section. Schedule D.
47Sheep from infected to clean district to be dipped within certain limits.
48Places may be proclaimed on the inland boundaries of districts, at which all sheep shall be introduced.

Sheep Infected with Lice.

49Notice to dip sheep infected with lice. Penalty for neglect to dip after notice.
50Penalty for removing sheep infected with lice.
51If sheep infected with lice found in public yard, &c, owner liable to penalty.
52Ewes need not be dipped during lambing-time.
53Owner of sheep must prepare dip.

Driving, Etc., Sheep.

54Driving, &c., of infected sheep.
55No sheep to be driven through any infected run, under penalty.
56Infected sheep trespassing may be returned to owners. Proviso.page 2
57Separate informations for every run, &c., crossed.
58Notice to be given before driving sheep across run.
59Occupier may, without warrant, inspect sheep on his run.

Protection of Angora Goats.

60Angora goats to be deemed sheep, and not to be destroyed as goats.


61Infected sheep trespassing and not removed may bo destroyed.
62Infected sheep not to be thrown into ponds, &c.
63Sheep dying of catarrh to be burnt or buried.
64Recovery of strayed sheep.
65Unauthorised removal of sheep.
66Notice to be given before mustering sheep.
67Sheep to be wool-branded forthwith after shearing.
68Wilfully communicating scab or catarrh.
69Falsification of return.
70Saving other remedies at law to persons suffering damage.
71Penalty for removing more than one-third of the ear of sheep.
72Tattoo-marks and ear-marks on sheep.
73Penalty for defacing tattoo-marks or earmarks, or ear-cropping sheep.
74Saving of operation of section 72.
75Offences prosecuted summarily.
76Persons interested or Inspectors to prosecute.
77Not necessary to prove every sheep infected in order to recover penalty.
78Onus of proof upon defendant, who shall be competent witness.
79Who shall be taken as owner of sheep.
80Sheep to be goods and chattels of person against whom conviction is made.
81Fees, fines, &c., to be paid into Consolidated Fund.
82Repeals. Schedule E. Schedules.