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New Zealand: Acts affecting Native Lands, 1886, 1888-91 and 1894-95



1.Short Title.
2.Kararmu Block vested in trustees for the purposes of Act.
3.Amount of moneys owing to Colonial Bank of New Zealand to be ascertained in action pending in Supreme Court.
4.Amount of moneys properly expended in preparing for sale of block to be ascertained in pending action in Supreme Court.
5.Costs of all parties of pending litigation to be taxed.
6.Trustees to sell sufficient part of block to defray moneys mentioned in sections 3, 4, and 5, and expenses properly incurred by, and allowance made by Supreme Court to, them.
7.Trustees to be judges as to parts of land to be sold. To employ surveyors, &c.
8.Costs incurred by trustees to be defrayed out of proceeds of sale.
9.If necessary, succession sales may be made.
10.Surplus moneys to be paid into Court. Application thereof.
11.Residue of block to be divided by trustees into two parts of relative values: 206 out of 288 parts, and 82 out of 288 parts.
12.Larger portion to be conveyed by trustees to Ngatihori Tribe specified in Second Schedule.
13.Provision in case of death of any person named in Second Schedule. Native Land Court to have jurisdiction to ascertain successors.
14.Land conveyed to Ngatihori Tribe to be inalienable.
15.And not to be taken in execution,
16.Residue of block to be further subdivided by trustees and conveyed to other claimants.
17.Trustees may lay out and dedicate roads, &c., through block.
18.Costs incurred by plaintiffs in suit brought on behalf of Ngatihori Tribe to be provided for out of lands awarded to Ngatihori Tribe.
19.Governor in Council may appoint new trustees for purposes of Act.
20.Conveyances pursuant to sections 12 and 16 not chargeable with ad valorem duty.
First Schedule. Description of Kararnu Block.
Second Schedule. Names of members of Ngatihori Tribe, and proportions in which they are interested.