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New Zealand: Acts affecting Native Lands, 1886, 1888-91 and 1894-95


page 66


First Schedule. First Schedule.

Description of Karamu Block.All that parcel of land in the Provincial District of Hawke's Bay, in the Colony of New Zealand, containing by admeasurement 1,601 acres, more or less, situate at Heretaunga, in the district of Ahuriri, and being part of the block called or known as "Heretaunga," and numbered 28n, now known as the Karamu Reserve. Bounded on the north by the River Ohuira, on the east by the River Ngarurora, on the south-west by land now or late in the occupation of Thomas Tanner, and on the west by land now in the occupation of James Nelson Williams.

Second Schedule. Second Schedule.

Names of the Members of the Ngatihori Tribe. Proportions in which, the Members of the Ngatihori Tribe are interested in the Karamu Reserve.
Names of members of Ngatihori Tribe, and proportions in which they are interested. Meihana Takihi Fifty (50) thousandths.
Otene Meihana Twenty-five (25) thousandths.
Mere Otaki Five (5) thousandths.
Iritana Te Waimatao Five (5) thousandths.
Te Taha Otene Five (5) thousandths.
Paerikiriki Otene Five (5) thousandths.
Meihana Five (5) thousandths.
Urupeni Puhara Twenty (20) thousandths.
Epina Te Rahu Five (5) thousandths.
Wiremu Te Naeroa Five (5) thousandths.
Makarena Tepehi Five (5) thousandths.
Horomona Waimarama Five (5) thousandths.
Tangatake Hapuku Twenty (20) thousandths.
Pohuka Hapuku Twenty (20) thousandths
Reihana Wahapaukena Fifty (50) thousandths.
Ngawahie Ten (10) thousandths.
Repora Huruhuru Ten (10) thousandths.
Reihana Te Uamairangi Ten (10) thousandths.
Renata Tauihu Forty-five (45) thousandths.
Tuahine Tauihu Ten (10) thousandths.
Pura Tauihu Ten (10) thousandths.
Noa Huke Forty-five (45) thousandths.
Rene Te Uamairangi Seventy-five (75) thousandths.
Kanara Te Ua Ten (10) thousandths.
Anihira Te Ua Ten (10) thousandths.
Perepetua Te Ua Ten (10) thousandths.
Anihira Te Mihikore Ten (10) thousandths.
Atatukiterangi Karauria Ten (10) thousandths.page 67
Panapa Tuari Twenty (20) thousandths.
Karaitiana Tuari Four (4) thousandths.
Mere Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Paranihia Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Te Mete Takopa One (1) thousandth.
Mihinaere Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Pane Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Waiu Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Tomoana Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Pita Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Piri Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Tuaki Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Matua Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Hokowaka Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Meretini Panapa One (1) thousandth.
Pita Koana Ten (10) thousandths.
Kapariera Mokonui Ten (10) thousandths.
Raiha Kapariera One (1) thousandth.
Ruihi Kapariera One (1) thousandth.
Tipene Kapariera One (1) thousandth.
Moanaroa Kokohu Twenty (20) thousandths.
Porokoru Tiakipou Twenty (20) thousandths.
Emaraina Hinekura Twenty (20) thousandths.
Rangitahia Manaena Twenty (20) thousandths.
Matenga Pekapeka Forty (40) thousandths.
Heni Unaiki Fffteen (15) thousandths.
Waaka Tunui Ten (10) thousandths.
Henare Tomoana. One hundred (100) thousandths.
Ihakara Rakena Fifteen (15) thousandths.
Nikera Whitingara Thirty (30) thousandths.
Henare Hape Tomoana Forty (40) thousandths.
Te Rehunga Tomoana Fifty (50) thousandths.
Te Hira Te Ota Ten (10) thousandths.
Te Weteni Te Karetu Five (5) thousandths.
Tamati Te Wahine Hehe Five (5) thousandths.
Homene Nikera Five (5) thousandths.
Hararutu Ngapu Thirty (30) thousandths.
Te Hau Mihiata Ten (10) thousandths.