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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims

Deeds—No. 69

Deeds—No. 69.

Waierohia Block, River Waitemata, Auckland District.

We the undersigned do fully consent this day to give up and sell to Wellesly Hughes— 1845. 17 January.Auckland District. to Thomas Somerville and their heirs after them a portion of land situate on the left bank of the main River Waitemata. The said land to be held by them with all Woods, Waierohia. Flax, Waters, and all Stones or Metals above or below the surface of the said Land and Hughes and Somerville. all other things thereupon to be possessed by Wellesly Hughes, by Thomas Somerville and their heirs after them to be held securely, to be held for ever. We will not sell the said land to any other individual, but our claim to the said land is (now) become null and void: and we fully make over and sell the said land to Wellesly Hughes to Thomas Somerville and to their heirs and to their assigns to be held securely at this present time, after this and for ever.
Boundaries. Commencing at the creek Waierohia following the windings of the Boundaries. [400 acres.] said creek to its source: thence to a pit dug by the Chief Manehera—stretching thence along the plain till it reaches the River Waitemata—following the sea shore of the said river until it joins the creek Waierohia.
Payments. 11 Blankets, 1 Saddle, 1 Cask Powder, Cash £10 . 0 . 0. Receipt.

We fully assent to what is contained in this document and we accordingly affix our names and marks on this day of January the 17th in the year of our Lord 1845.

Signed Moneha his x mark.
Nopera x mark.


Charles Davis, Interpreter Auckland.

True Translation.

C. Oliver Davis.

A True Transcript of Certified Copy of Translation, the Original Deed being wanting. No. 133.P.C.

H. Hanson Turton. Wellington, 22nd September, 1880.