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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims


page 334


1838. 31 October.Manukau District.Rangiriri.Know all men by this book that we whose names are herein written chiefs of Ngatiteata a tribe of Waikato residing at Manukau a river or port to the West of the Northern Island of New Zealand have each and every one of us according to his share, and all who have any claim to this parcel of land called Rangiriri have given up sold and conveyed James Hamlin. as payment for the articles written in this book which we hereby acknowledge to have received and to have been satisfied with the articles given us by James Hamlin (who now resides at Moeatoa) the inner part of Manukau the above mentioned port in New Zealand at the time of or before the delivery of this Book to him each and every of us with all who have any right to the above parcel of land do give up sell and convey the said land, and write our names or marks on this 31st day of October in the year of our Lord 1838, as a proof of our giving up to James Hamlin his heirs and successors this parcel of land Rangiriri containing by estimation 300 acres more or less lying to the West of Manukau opposite a place called the Karaka near the Toro The land all paths watercourses and fences with all Rivers Brooks Trees and whatever else is lying or growing upon the same with every thing else above or below the said land Rangiriri The land to be for James Hamlin his children heirs and successors for ever to be sold cultivated or otherwise used by them. Our claim now ceases to this parcel of land and Boundaries. [300 acres.] everything upon it. The western boundary of this said parcel of land begins on the Beach at the Wiroa in Manukau and goes to the South West to Paratio and to Pakaraka to Patoa to Pukekaroro and Ohepo, then turns and goes to the South of Waitawhara and goes in the ravine of Waitawhara, to the Beach. Manukau is the boundary to the East.

And we with all who have any right to this place assert that no part of this land has been sold before this by any of us and that we are the persons to whom the said land belongs and that it is right for us to give up and sell this parcel of land to James Hamlin his heirs and successors to be held by them his heirs and successors for ever without molestation. Witness our names and marks now written by us on this day the 3lst of October in this year of our Lord 1838. Our names are written in this book and it is delivered.

Receipt. Received by us on the day and year above written in this book, the payments for Rangiriri which are these, 21 Blankets 10 Addices 10 Axes 10 Hoes 2 Belts 3 Red Caps 1 Cloak 2 Jackets 2 Knives 2 Scissors 6 bars of Soap 3 Razors 30 Pipes 50 lbs. of Tobacco.



1839. 19 September.Extra payment. We Hemi Manuatiu and Pihapoto have received as a payment for Rangiriri 5 Blankets and 1 Iron pot. Witness our marks and names written by us this day the 19th of September 1839.

A correct translation.


George Clarke.

No. 373f.O.L.C. A True Transcript of Certified Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 25th September, 1879.