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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims



1838. 2 September.Manukau District.Orua.Know all men who witness this book that we whose names are written in this book, chiefs of the Ngatiteata, a tribe of Waikato residing at Manukau (a Port) on the West coast of the Northern Island of New Zealand, do give up, sell, and convey, each one his share of that parcel of land called Orua lying inside the Heads of Manukau opposite Church of England Mission. Puponga, as a payment for the articles written in this book of which we approve as a payment for this parcel of land which we give up sell and convey to the Rev. Robert Maunsell and James Hamlin for and on behalf of the Church Missionary Society or any person or persons whom they may appoint to be by them retained or done any thing else with, with all trees and water courses and brooks &c. and whatsoever else is above or below that parcel of land called Orua; and we assert that this piece of land has not been sold by us heretofore: and let no man dispute the Revd. Robert Maunsell's and James Hamlin's purchase of this parcel of land which is paid for on this day of our Lord the 2nd of September 1838.
Boundaries. [200 acres.] And these are the boundaries of that parcel of land called Orua: Manukau is the boundary in front; the boundary to the West commences a little to the west of the Hakono and goes upon the ridge and crosses the valley called the Ahimatira, and goes to the top of the ridge in the opposite side to a hole dug at a place called the Popopopo; it then turns and goes along upon the ridge towards the East and descends into the brook Orua at the Pupuha; from thence the brook Orua is the boundary to the foot of the pa Pukehorokatoa, which it ascends and goes in a direct line into Manukau: And we also assert that we only are the persons to whom this parcel of land lying within these boundaries which are written in this book belong, and we now sell this parcel of land to the Church Missionary Society for ever, and that that Society are the only persons who have a lawful right to this parcel of land.
Receipt. And these are the articles of the Church Missionary Society which we received as a payment for this parcel of land called Orua: 60 blankets, 12 axes, 11 trowsers, 9 shirts, 10 razors, 6 shaving boxes, 6 scissors, 10 knives, 10 handkerchiefs, 10 spades, 11 iron page 333pots, 20 combs, 400 pipes, 10 adzes, 3 locks, 10 plane irons, 8 files, 160 lbs. tobacco, 20 lbs. soap.

Witness our marks or names which are now written this 2 day of September 1838.



No. 373h.O.L.C. A True Transcript of Certified. Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 17th May, 1879.