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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims

Deeds—No. 291

Deeds—No. 291.

1838. 23 January. Hokianga District. Oha Block, Near Newark Station, Hokianga District.

Nuaka, Hokianga, New Zealand, January 23, 1838.
Oha.Wesleyan Mission.We Karekare and Tio do hereby testify that we have this day sold and delivered to John Whiteley for the Wesleyan Mission all that parcel of land known by the name of Oha being a "Motu," and surrounding "Padu," bounded on the East by a Creek called [200 acres.] Pouwata, on the North by the Mission Station called Nuaka, on the West by lands belonging to the above station, and on the South by a line running from the original boundary line of the Mission land to the point where it arrives at the Mangrove mud-flat Receipt. forming with that line a right angle. And for the above described land we have page 255received the following payment, viz., 2 Blankets, 1 Scissors, 2 Frocks, 6 lbs. of Tobacco, and 1 Adze, 2 Combs.

Tio his mark x.
Karekare his mark x.
John Whiteley.

True Copy.

James Davis, Int.

A True Transcript of Certified Copy of Original Deed.No. 389c.O.L.C.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 21st November, 1879.