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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims

Kororareka Beach (South End), Bay of Islands District

Kororareka Beach (South End), Bay of Islands District.

1833. 28 December.Bay of Islands District.Know all men by these presents that I Rivers chief of the tribe Na Pui do by this instrument sell transfer and convey on my own behalf as well as on the behalf and with Kororareka Beach.the consent of the chiefs and principal men of my tribe that Land on Korararika Beach bounded on the North East side by the sea extending round the small Bay adjoining to Boundaries. [4 acres.]Korararika beach and as far along the coast as to come in a straight line with the South side of the Rock or Island called Kaiarara standing in the sea near to and fronting the West Arm of the said Bay. The said Rock or Island shall also be contained in this conveyance the boundary line shall then run over the Hill eastward in a line with the South West side of the said Island and the House of Mr. Williamson Paihia adjoining the land of Captn. Brind as far as the foot path leading to Matoni bay and on the east by the said path the whole of which I Rivers hereby acknowledge to have sold to Robert Cunningham for his Heirs executors administrators and assigns for the consideration of Receipt.a double barrelled Gun and a Cask of Powder and five hundred Percussion Caps and which I hereby acknowledge to have received in consideration of which the said Robert Cunningham his Heirs executors administrators and assigns shall quietly enjoy the whole benefit right title and interest in the land hereinbefore mentioned now and forpage 111 ever. Given under my hand and seal at Korararika this twenty-eight day of December in the Year eighteen hundred and thirty-three.

(Signed) Riwoa x.

Witnesses to the payment above mentioned—
(Signed)J. S. Polack.
W. B. Shand.
Thos. S. Trapp.
C. Harris.

A True Copy.

M. Richmond.
Edward L. Godfrey.