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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims


page 75


1838. 30 June.Bay of Islands District.Listen all Men to this Book by us Hiketene, Paraharaha, Ngatai and by us who sign our names and marks (We) sell to Mr. Clendon a piece of land at the head (or top) of Manawaora, a piece uncultivated, the greater portion is Kauri (We) let go to Mr. Clendon for him and his children for ever to be used in any way whatsoever. Rokawa.
Boundaries. [1,800 Acres.] This is the Boundary. Commences at Puke Wau to the Summit of Haieke, to Ranginui, to Tamatakorokio, to Hungwakapapa, to Ngaiotonga, to the Ahu, descending to the Bottom to Pukemaire, to Tauwenui, to Waurau, to Rangitaroi, descending to Omahau, crossing over to Mamamiko, ascending the Wakarupe to Taumatakaho, descending to Waiwakapapa, descending to Karakaraka to the Sea. On one side the valley which was sold by Warerahi (and friends) previously and reaching Pukewau.
Receipt. One Box Tobacco, One Half Box Tobacco, Six Great Coats, Ten Spades, Fifteen Blankets, Four Muskets, Two Kegs Powder, ea. 50 lbs., 1 Box Gun Caps, Fifteen Pounds Sterling.

And we hereby sign our Names and Marks to this selling, this purchasing and to this receiving of Payment on the Thirtieth day of June the Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight.


True Translation.
Henry Tacy Kemp.

No. 66b.O.L.C. Delivered in Court, Russell, this 12th day of Oct., 1841.
M. Richmond.
Edward L. Godfrey.

A True Transcript of Certified Copy of Original Deeds and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, 21st October, 1878.