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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims

No. VII. — Hangarahu, etc., Block, Whangaroa, Mangonui District

No. VII.
Hangarahu, etc., Block, Whangaroa, Mangonui District.

Be it remembered that on this 13th day of November 1839, We the undersigned 1839. 13 November.Mangonui District. Chieftains in New Zealand, Do hereby bargain and sell unto Thomas Florance certain Tracts of land (as hereinafter described) situated on the Western bank of the river Hangarahu, Etc. Kaeo, Wangaroa, known by the names Hangarahu, Takapari, Mukomuko, Pakotere, Moana Iwaraua, for and in consideration of certain payment, (hereinafter described) Thomas Florance. given unto us the said Chieftains by the said Thomas Florance as full value of said tracts of land with all Timbers, Trees, laying standing or growing thereon, right of soil and waters belonging thereunto. And we the said chieftains further covenant, agree, and bind ourselves and Heirs by these presents to give up immediately and for ever unto the said Thomas Florance his Heirs or Assigns; possession with all claims right title and privileges of said tracts unto the said Thomas Florance his heirs or assigns, for ever, in Allodium, the said tracts of land being bounded as follow:—
Bounded on the N.W. and North by Nga Tara: on the North East by lands Boundaries. [600 acres.] belonging to said Thomas Florance: on the East and South East by Teparauri and the river Kaeo: on the South by Mangamahoe creek: and on the West by James Kemp's land, i.e. Northerly from Puketi to said Ngatara. The Southern boundaries being also the Northern boundaries of the contiguous lands of James Kemp. Contents, 600 acres more or less.
Payment, £11 Cash, 10 Shirts, 11 Blankets, 2 pieces of Print, 5 fowling Pieces, Consideration. 150 lbs. Tobacco, 1 velvet Waistcoat, 3 Manilla Hats, 1 pr. strong Shoes, 8 prs. Earrings, 1 Carbine Musket, 2 Spades, 5 tortoise Combs, 2 bags Shot, 6 prs. duck Trowsers 3 casks Powder, 3 prs. Scissors, 3 Knives, 4 Razors, 300 percussn. Caps, 1 Hoe, 1 Gown, 2 shot Belts, 1 double barrel Gun. Also to Hakiro and Tareha, 1 Fowling piece, 2 bags Shot, 1 Shot Belt, 1 Belt, 2 Blankets.
In witness whereof We the said Chieftains hereby acknowledge the receipt of the Receipt. above mentioned payment being in full of all demands for said tract of land. This Deed further witnesseth that We the said Chieftains have on the day and year first above written hereunto affixed our signatures. The annexed sketch of the above described Land being previously drawn as below as firstly designed by the subscribed Maoris.

Na Tamati.
Na te Kuri.
Na Roro.
Na Paora.
Tangi renua.
Te tohu x o Tareha.

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In presence of—

(Signed) John Lander.
Robt. Neill.
Philip Collis.
Charles Baker.

Extra payment. Received of Thomas Florance 1 double barrel Gun and 1 bag Shot, being payment for our cultivated patches of ground at Manga Mahoe, and for the said tract of land in toto, set forth in this Deed.

(Signed) Na tetana toro.
Na taka.


(Signed) James Slade.
William Johnson.

Extra payment. Received 1 Beaver Hat, 1 red Comforter, 1 Tomahawk, 1 regatta Shirt, 1 pr. Drawers, 1 Shot Belt; 1 spade from Thomas Florance being payment for Tuataranui, a portion of the land set forth in the within Deed. Total Amount, £133.

(Signed) Taka.

Tuataranui.The place called "Tuataranui Kokoromahunga" for Mr. Florance.

(Signed) Na Takiri.

True Copy.

H. Tacy Kemp.