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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims

Deeds—No. 49

Deeds—No. 49.

Waimaori Block, Doubtless Bay, Mangonui District.

Know all men by these presents That we Native Chiefs living at Totarro, Wangaroa 1839. 7 November.Mangonui District. New Zealand and known by the names of Muddetukerow, Tupiarro and Twatte have this 7th day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and thirty-nine, bargained bequeathed and sold unto Clement Partridge his Heirs Executors and Waimaori. C. Partridge. Assigns all that piece or parcel of land situated on the sea coast and commencing at a place called Timarro adjoining a piece of land lately purchased by James Berghan of Boundaries. [5,000 acres.] Munganui and extending along the sea coast towards Wangaroa for the distance of four miles be the same more or less till you come to a rock forming an Island in the sea which place in Native Tongue is called Cohidiwina and extending back inland to other land purchased by Thos. Ryan of Munganui, being a variable, distance from the coast of from one to three miles more or less according to the boundary marks of the said land including places of the names of Himiboto, Hongerino, Wymauri, Tekowee, Conaha, and Parkow, with all cowry and other timber &c. &c. thereunto belonging, to have and to hold the same piece of land as above described (bearing East towards Wangaroa and West towards Doubtless Bay) for himself his heirs Executors and assigns for ever in consideration of the following payment which we consider a full and fair remuneration for the land as above described and which we do hereby acknowledge to have received, Receipt. viz., 1 Double Barrel Fowling Piece, 1 Cask Powder, 3, boxes, percussion Caps, 10 pair Blankets, 12 Shirts, 1 Spade, 6 Handkerchiefs 4 rugs and 20 lbs. Tobacco. And we do hereby yield up quiet and peaceable possession of the same to the said Clement Partridge his Heirs Executors and Assigns for ever, having this day received the above payment with which we are perfectly satisfied and do set our hands and seals to the same this day and year first above written in presence of the undersigned witnesses.


William Butler.
George Thomas.
Thos. Phillips his x mark.
Wm. Skelton, Witness to the mark of Wyawa.

Witness—Thos. E. Coyners.
Witness—G. H. Denyer.
Witness—Thos. Ryan his x mark.
Witness—Hibernia Smyth.
Witness—G. W. Skey.
Witnessed by E. Boyce.
Witnessed by E. Boyce.

Tupiarro x his mark.
Muddetukerow x his mark.
Twatte x his mark.
Wyawa x his mark.
Kytaya his mark x.
Akena his mark x.
Aoora x his mark.
Apee x his mark.
Parkiar x his mark.
x the mark of Ururoa.

Subsequent payment made to Claimants. A Woman named Noro 1 Blanket; Extra Payment. Akena, 2 axes and 6 yds. Print; Kytaya, 1 Single Barrel Gun. Afterwards 1 Single Gun to Kytaya he having broken the former one.

True Copy.

H. Tacy Kemp.

A True Transcript of Certified Copy of Original Deed. No. 370b.O.L.C.

H. Hanson Turton,

Wellington, 29th August, 1879.