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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims



Hear all men this Book by us by Rewarewa by Hongi, by Mahu, by Wakarorowai 1836. 22 September.Mmangonui District. &c. &c. We sell to James Kemp a piece of laud at Whangaroa for him and his children for ever. The Woods and kauri &c. &e. The Boundaries on the West: Otate goin to the ridge of Otate straight to Pukehinau going to the top of the ridge of Puke-hinau, to Waikukupa, straight to the ridge of Waikukupa to Puketawa. The Southern Mangaiti. boundary Puketawa going to the ridge of Puketawa down to the top of the Water of Boundaries. Wahapakitu going to the bottom to the plantations of Mount Emiemi, including the Kauri trees going to the Warau Ongutu going to the ridge of Warau Ongutu to Puke-totara following the ridge of Puketotara to the Torohanga descending the ridge of Torphanga down to the Painga up to the Rakautao. The Eastern boundary the Puruwarawarn descending to the water of Wironui following the water of Wironui emerging at Urukainga, following the water of Urukainga up to the Bridge of the Soldiers down to Pukaki back to Urukainga ascending to the Great road of Pitakatahi, the upper boundary of Mr. Spickman descending to the water of Moehau down to the water of the Mangaiti down to the Great river of Kaeo, including the water of the Mangaiti. The Northern boundary, the corner at the entrance of the stream Mahoe, following the. Creek Mahoe at the Mangaiti Creek and ascending the water of the Manga Iti at that corner straight to Nga Tokaturua descending to the water of Houko-tuku ascending to the top of Katika, Going to the ridge of Katika descends to Wemanui to the swamp going to Waitoatoa down to Wakamuhu straight on the road that goes to Otate. Payments. Forty Blankets, Twenty-four pounds stg., Twenty Iron Receipt. Pots, Twenty Hoes, One Cask Tobacco, Two hundred pipes, Six Spades, Ten Shirts, Ten Trowsers, Six Razors, Six Plane Irons, Twenty Combs, One Gown Piece, Six Belts. Signed on the 22nd Sept. 1836.



True Translation.

H. Tacy Kemp.

A True Transcript of Certified Copy of Original Deed and Translation. No. 273d.O.L.C.

H. Hanson Turton.

Willington, 3rd March, 1879.