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An Epitome of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs and Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand

No. 35. — The Native Secretary to the Hon. the Colonial Secretary

No. 35.
The Native Secretary to the Hon. the Colonial Secretary.

Native Hostelry in Mechanics' Bay. Native Secretary's Office, Auckland, 18th August, 1852.


I beg leave to call the attention of the trustees of the hostelry in Mechanics' Bay to the state of that building, which is the subject of constant complaints from the Natives who come to Auckland to dispose of their produce. They represent that the floor is in such a bad state that they find it impossible to keep it clean, and that vermin of all descriptions harbour in it. They also complain page 19that they are unable to make use of the building at times when it would be most beneficial to them, viz., in cold or rainy weather, from their being forbidden to light fires inside; and in preference to stopping in it they sleep in tents on the beach. They are also very anxious that partitions should be put up (which I believe was part of the original plan when the building was erected), in order that tribes might be kept separate.

I beg leave to suggest that the building be floored with plank, and partitions put up; that fireplaces be built, and a cooking-place built in rear of the building, as at present the ground in front of it is in a filthy state from its being used as a cooking-place after the Native custom. I understand that the reserve for the support of the hostelry has been leased for the sum of £10 per annum. This sum will not go far towards making the necessary improvements suggested, but might go towards paying off any sum which may be advanced by the Government for the purpose.

I have, &c.,

C. L. Nugent,
Native Secretary.

The Hon. the Colonial Secretary.