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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1875. 25 April.Wairarapa District. This is an agreement by us the persons whose names are hereunder written, made the 25th day of April, 1875.
Whereas we have applied to the Government of New Zealand to give permanently to us a piece of land called Whatakai being land formerly belonging to us, And whereas the said land has been sold by the Government to Mr. Meredith of Whareama it beingWhatakai.(Meredith's Run.) thought that it was land ceded to the Government by us And whereas a Grown Grant has been issued to Mr. Meredith for the said land We consent to accept the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds (£150) as payment for that land which Meredith has got andReceipt for £150. the Government of New Zealand has agreed to pay us that money and so we have ceased to have any thought regarding that land.

The following are the sums paid to us in accordance with this agreement.

To Tapatu £20 0 0
To Anaru Harawira & Aperahama Te Moe 15 0 0
To Ihaka te Moe & Wiremu Paraone 15 0 0

The balance of these monies to be paid to us at a future time.

(Sd.) Ihaka Te Moe.
(Sd.) Wi Paraone.
Paid to Ngahui the wife of Te Manihera £25 0 0
(Sd.) Ngahui Manihera 10 0 0


(Sd.) W. Katene, M.L.C.
Paid to Hemara te Maka x his mark 5 0 0
Matiria te Okooko x her mark 5 0 0
Okeoke x his mark 5 0 0
Renana Harawira 50 0 0
Te Kereihi Tamaitiheke x his mark 50 0 0
Paranihia Waka x her mark 50 0 0
Te Harawira Korowhakaue 50 0 0
Aperahama te Moe x his mark 50 0 0
Hoani Turiri x his mark for Ramari Harawira 50 0 0
Anaru Harawira 50 0 0
£150 0 0

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Signed by Ihaka te Moe, Wi Paraone, Kenana Harawira and signed by mark by Hemara te Maka, Matiria te Okooko, Okeoke, Te Kereihi Tamaitiheke, Paranihia Waka, Te Harawira Korowhakaue, Aperahama Te Moe, and Hoani Turiri in the presence of—

(Sd.) E. S. Maunsell, Interpreter, Wairarapa.

Copy of Translation.

T. E. Young,
Transl., Native Dept.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson. Turton.

Wellington, February 1st, 1876.