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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Manawatu-Kukutautaki No. 7 Block (Lien), Manawatu District

Manawatu-Kukutautaki No. 7 Block (Lien), Manawatu District.

1873. 24 april.Manawatu District.This Deed made the twenty fourth day of April one thousand eight hundred and seventy three between Her Majesty the Queen of the one part, and Teoti Kerei te Hoia,Kukutauaki No. 7. Hohua te Riunui, Henere Korouaputa,Deed of lien. Tamihana te Hoia, Manahi Huia, Te Popo, Nepia te Rau, Pia te Whakaraki, Kita Hamene, Moihi te Humu, Hapi te Rangitewhata, Te Karaha, Hakaraia te Wera, Metera te Karaha, Karepa te Kapukai, Maikara Taia, Poni Wahio Hakaria, Poni Wahio te Rakaumia, Karanama te Kapiikai, Witarihana Rupuha, Poawha te Manea, Kireona Tuhera, Kereama Pita, Hohaia te Pahau, Te Hemara, Ngatio, Mihipeka, Tamara te Hape, Hare Teimana, and Puhiwahine, aboriginal Natives of New Zealand (hereinafter styled "the partial vendors") of the other part, Whereas the partial vendors are or some or one of them is entitled to the parcel or block of land described in the Schedule hereto in whole or in part and whereas the partial vendors have contracted with His Honor William Fitzherbert Esquire Superintendent of the Province of Wellington acting in this behalf for and on account of Her Majesty the Queen that the said Superintendent shall make advances of money and goods to the partial vendors and as they may direct to be paid for and repaid respectively whenever such land shall be sold or allowed as part of the purchase money thereof in case the said William Fitzherbert or his successors Superintendents as aforesaid shall on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen become the purchaser or purchasers thereof, And whereas there has already been so advanced money or goods or both to the amount of sixty two pounds fourteen shillings, Now these presents witness that in consideration of the sum of one hundred and seventy one pounds and fourteen shillings by Her Majesty the Queen in manner aforesaid at or before the execution of these presents to theReceipt for £171 . 14 . 0. partial vendors paid and advanced (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) they page 195the partial vendors do and each of them doth hereby convey and assure and surrender unto Her Majesty the Queen her successors and assigns, All the right title and interest of the partial vendors and each and every of them of in to or out of All that the piece or parcel or block of land in the Province of Wellington and Colony of New Zealand more particularly described in the Schedule hereto, and delineated in the plan drawn hereon, Together with all and singular commons and rights of common mines minerals furzes trees woods underwoods and the ground and soil thereof mounds fences hedges ditches ways waters water courses streams fishings fisheries fowlings surface rights of shore and foreshore (if any) and all and singular other the appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or appertaining to the intent that the same land mines and appurtenances may be and continue unto Her Majesty the Queen her successors and assigns as a security for the said sum, of one hundred and seventy one pounds and fourteen shillings and all other sums and sum of money or the price or prices of goods on the behalf of Her Majesty the Queen to be hereafter paid or delivered to the partial vendors or any or either of them or to any person or persons at their request In witness whereof the said parties hereto have hereunto set their hands.