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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Te Aro Pa, Lot 15, Wellington District

Te Aro Pa, Lot 15, Wellington District.

ThisDeed made the twenty third day of September one thousand eight hundred and1873. 23 September.Wellington District. seventy three between Ihikiera te Waikapoariki of Wellington in the Province of Wellington and Colony of New Zealand an aboriginal Native of the said Colony hereinTe Aro Pa.(Lot 15.) called the Vendor of the one part and William Fitzherbert of Wellington aforesaid Esquire, Superintendent of the said Province of Wellington herein called the Superintendent of the other part, Whereas by grant from the Crown bearing date the twenty second day of November one thousand eight hundred and sixty six registered at Wellington Number 6792 the hereditaments and premises hereinafter described and intended to be hereby conveyed were granted to the Vendor his heirs and assigns and there was in the said grant contained a Proviso that the said hereditaments and premises should be inalienable by sale or by lease for a longer period than twenty one years from the making of any such lease or by mortgage except with the assent of the Governor in Council previously obtained to every such sale lease or mortgage, and whereas the Superintendent has agreed, with the vendor for the absolute sale to him the Superintendent of the said Hereditaments and premises at or for the sum of Fifty pounds, now this Deed witnesseth thatin consideration of the sum of fifty pounds paid by the Superintendent to the Vendor (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) he theReceipt for £50. vendor doth hereby convey and assure to the Superintendent his successors and assigns, All that piece or parcel of land containing by admeasurement thirteen perches more or less being the Lot numbered (15) on the plan of the Te Aro Pah Reserve in Wellington aforesaid, bounded on the North by a line fifty three links on the East by Lot numberedBoundaries. [13 perches.] sixteen on the said plan one hundred and fifty three links on the South by a public road fifty three links and on the West by Lot numbered twenty eight on the said plan one hundred and fifty six links be the same several measurements and each and every of them a little more or less as the said piece or parcel of land is more particularly delineated on the plan drawn hereon and bordered red, Together with the erections and buildings thereon and the rights ways easements and appurtenances thereunto belonging, To hold the said piece or parcel of land with the appurtenances unto the Superintendent his successors and ass. for and on behalf of the said Province Provided always that the covenants for title to be implied herein shall extend to and be taken as against the acts Deeds and defaults of the Vendor and of all persons claiming or to claim through under or in trust for him and no further or otherwise, In witness whereof the said parties hereto have hereunto set their hands.

Ihikiera Te Waikapoariki.

Signed by the said Ihikiera te Waikapoariki in the presence of— Eb. Baker, Licensed Interpreter, Wellington. W.T. Wyatt, Clerk, Land Office, Wellington.