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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



1854. 25 January.Aotea.Thewriting of this Deed on the twenty fifth day of January in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty four contains the consent of some of the Chiefs of Aotea—it also contains the consent of the Queen of England.
Kotoretoto. The Principal men are these, Ko Aperahama te Karu, Ko Hakopa te Matera, Ko Hakaraia te Raku, Ko Pehimana Takarangi, Ko Herietara Paihua Ko Hakopa Arakari, Ko te Watarauihi, Kerapa Kiore, and Tamati Waka te Mumura.

Now we, Aperahama te Karu, Hakopa te Matera, Hakaraia te Raku, Pehimana Takarangi, Herietara Paihua, Hakopa Arakari, Te Watarauihi, Kerapa Kiore, and Tamati Waka te Mumura, having given our consent to give without payment these lands to Queen Victoria and to the Governor, to be by the Governor transferred to Mr. Lawry the Senior Minister of the Wesleyan Church now residing at Auckland, to be given to him in perpetuity and to the Senior Wesleyan ministers who may succeed him for and on behalf of the Wesleyan Church, for the Promotion of Schools of the Christian faith for ever and ever, on which to build Schools, as a means also of support for the Schools for the education of our Children, that is to say for the whole of the Children of Aotea and of the several tribes there also, for the education of the Native Children, the European Children and for the half caste Children that they may grow up in the right way, as good and great men, that they may grow up together in the faith of Christ, and with a knowledge of the enlightened customs of the Europeans.

Boundaries. The Boundaries of the land are these, It begins at Te Kowhatu (or Island) at Kotoretoto on the eastern side of Pakoka, Aotea it continues in the line of Pakoka and includes "Urumanu" "Te Raho" Te "Ara a Rimu" "Te Rewa" "Whakatopouri" "Otitaha" "Maungaroa" "Ohinehei" "Te Moao," the boundary continues along the river (called Pakoka) to the landing place of the Canoes called "Te Ihi" from thence in a direction towards the portion of land near to the Rimu called "Te Kauhanga" here it ascends the Fern hill to the top of the ridge called " Te Karu o te Kura" from the top of the hill it goes to Rangipo including Pukekoroheke and the river called "Te Upoko o Taraia" and "Te Amo" from thence until it reaches "Mangapukatea" from thence it descends on the Southern side of the ravine or gully "Te Kete o Pani" until it reaches the coast at where the boundary commenced vizt. at Kotoretoto.

Now no payment is to be received for this land—the payment or condition, is the establishment of Schools in the Christian faith, the particulars of which have already been alluded to in this Deed, in token of which, we have bereunto signed our names on this the twenty fifth day of January in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty four.

(Signed) Aperahama Te Karu x his mark.
" Hakopa Te Matera.
" Hakaraia te raku.
" Pehimana Takarangi.
" Herietara paihua.
(Signed) Hakopa Arakari x his x his mark.
" Te Watarauihi x his mark.
" Kerepa Kiore.
" Tamati Waka Te Mumura x his mark.


(Signed) Gideon Smales.
" Tiopira Rangitaiki.
" Hoani te Apa.
" Hemi.
" Samuel Uru.
" W. W. Dixon.

A True Translation.

Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, October 16th, 1874.