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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One



Thewriting of this Deed done on the eighteenth (18) day of January in the year 1854. 18 January.Kawhia. One thousand eight hundred and fifty four (1854) contains the consent of some of the Chiefs of Kawhia also the consenting of the Queen of England. Now, we Te Pihopa te Roto, Te Manihera Porima, Wiremu Hoeta, the Owners or Proprietors of the land Kahikatea. described within this Deed and surveyed by the Government Surveyors and contains One hundred and sixty (160) Acres. Now, we Te Pihopa te Roto, Te Manihera Porima, Wiremu Hoeta do agree to surrender without payment this Land to Victoria the Queen of England and the Governor to be by him transferred to Mr. Lawry the Senior Minister of the Wesleyan Church now residing in Auckland in perpetuity to him and to the Senior Wesleyan Ministers who may succeed him belonging to the Wesleyan Church for the purposes of the Wesleyan Church and for the purposes of a School for education in the faith for ever and ever, for the site of a School for the maintenance of a School for our Children for the whole of the Children of Kawhia of the several tribes, the Native Children, the European Children, and the half-caste Children, that they may grow up well together that they may grow up great men, that they may grow up together in the faith of Christ and in a knowledge of the good customs of the Europeans.
The names of this land are "Ohaua" "Te Hoanga" on the south side of the River Waiharakeke, Boundaries. [160 acres.] Kawhia. The boundaries are these—It commences on the Sea Beach at the Kahikatea—from thence in a Southerly direction along the Sea Beach as far as Te Hoanga from thence as far as Waipapa—here it ascends in a westerly direction, and the line goes straight until it reaches Hekepo—from thence towards the North—it then follows the ridge at Waewaetarakihi until it reaches the line of the fence of Hohepa’s land—from thence in a North Easterly direction, it descends alongside the said fence until it joins the same Kahikatea which stands on the Beach.

Now no payment is to be received for this land, the condition or payment is the establishment of Schools for education alluded to in this Deed, and in token thereof we have hereunto signed our names on the eighteenth day of January in the year One thousand eight hundred and fifty four.

(Signed)Pihopa Teroto x his mark.
" Wiremu Hoeta x his mark.
" Te Manihera x his mark.
(Signed) Wiremu Manihera x his mark.
" Mata Manihera x his mark.

Witnessed by—

(Signed) Peter Wallis.
" Jabez M. Gibson
" William N. Searancke.
" John Whiteley.

A True Translation.

Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, October 16th, 1874.