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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume One


page 732


1864. 30 JanuaryWe have received this day the 30th January 1864 the sum of three hundred pounds The Wade And Other Blocks. (£300) and the sum of Two hundred and Fifty pounds (£250) as a final payment for us all, for the men have claims upon the lands, the sale of which was not completed Receipt for £550, final payment. formerly, in the districts of the Wade, Pukekohe, and Pakekauere also in payment of all the land of Pakihi and party in that District an in the adjoining Districts.

This is what we agree to give the Government possession of, all the pieces of land lying within the boundaries of the land formerly sold, North, South, East and West. That no portion whatever of those Districts may remain unsettled.



Henry Alfred Horne Monro, Translator Native Department.
Te Hemara Tauhia.

A True Copy of Original Receipt and Translation.

H. H. Turton.

Wellington, August 10th, 1875.